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Is it protected against Magentism? Can Magneto come along and rip it off, like that???

I would think he would not have this problem put need comic evidence going either way...


> Is it protected against Magentism? Can Magneto come along and rip it off, like that???
> M
> I would think he would not have this problem put need comic evidence going either way...
> Thanks

Unless someone corrects this, am tempted to say it depends on the writer. Maybe some of the cut&paste below will help. Will keep an eye out for documented precident while the reply option lasts. See that a healthy string of response has already happened on the FFMB:

AFAIK, Magneto has affected Cap's shield which is some % of vibranium alloy which does not actually confirm if that % is affected or resistant enough.

Heres a quick link comparing properties of Vibranium to another Marvel mythical metal: Adamantium:

At least SOME vibranium seems to be anti-magnetic as Kasper Cole entry says he uses 'anti-metal' claws: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibranium#Antarctic_vibranium

If time permits, will dig up my copy of IM A5 to see if any concrete... err vibranium information is stated:

One guys opinion that its a writers opinion:

Know NOTHING about Earth X#2 except this Iron Maiden entry who apparently went up against Magneto:

      Types of Adamantium

Captain America's shield: The process that created this shield was never duplicated and is not understood. It is made of an alloy that includes Wakandan vibranium. It was somehow molecularly altered to reach its current state. It is essentially indestructible, and is even stronger than any known form of adamantium. A mistake often made by readers is that Captain America's shield is made entirely of adamantium, or of vibranium. Since adamantium was not developed until after Captain America was revived from suspended animation, this would be impossible. In fact, the shield's material has radically different properties from either, resulting in far greater resilience. Another mistake first made in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and repeated many times since is the suggestion that the shield is simply an adamantium-vibranium alloy. It is not; as revealed via retcon, adamantium was created in an attempt to duplicate the material of the shield.

Adamantium: Pure adamantium is created through the mixing of certain chemical resins whose composition is a government secret. This process is extremely expensive, and as a result true Adamantium is very rare. It was discovered in an attempt to duplicate Captain America's shield and resembles Captain America's shield on a molecular level, yet it contains no vibranium. Adamantium is indestructible to the degree that it could easily withstand a nuclear detonation. Only precise molecular rearrangement, or cosmic-level power such as that of the Infinity Gauntlet, can scratch or dent it. Magneto once used his powers to rip the adamantium out of Wolverine through his skin, which implies that adamantium is either ferromagnetic or strongly paramagnetic.

Secondary adamantium: As true adamantium is extremely difficult and expensive to create or manipulate, some parties found a way to duplicate it on a larger and more cost-effective scale, but at the expense of quality and durability. For all practical purposes, secondary adamantium is indestructible. Conventional weapons, such as ballistic missiles, have no effect on it; it is far stronger than any type of steel. However, extraordinary blunt force (such as a punch from a character with vast superhuman strength) can warp or break it. Unconventional or alien forms of energy discharges have also been known to warp or damage secondary adamantium. Writers created secondary adamantium to deal with supposedly indestructible adamantium having been damaged or destroyed in the past: all such instances were appearances of secondary adamantium.

Carbonadium: Carbonadium is a resilient, unstable metal that is far stronger than steel but more flexible than adamantium. It has been implied by writers that it is molecularly similar to or even a variant of adamantium, but the extent of the relation has not been revealed. The process to create carbonadium is apparently even more difficult and expensive than that required to produce adamantium as there is only one Carbonadium synthesizer in the world. Due to its malleability, carbonadium is considerably less durable than adamantium. It may or may not have the unique property of stabilizing the condition of life force vampires so that they no longer have to absorb the life forces of living beings to survive.

Got above info from here:

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