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Subj: Re: Black Panther 3: Other than the cover...
Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 at 08:41:06 am EDT (Viewed 308 times)
Reply Subj: Issue #3
Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 at 03:59:11 am EDT (Viewed 483 times)

Agree that the cover is unforgivably misleading for a THIRD consecutive month of the repeated symbolic solicitation IS maddening marketing misdirection. Other than that seeming impropriety, the story itself...

Black Panther 3 was... okay.

Zawavari (is he new?) was an intriguing option to go up against death. His professed limitations and MJ-Mephistolike conditional whispering makes fair effort to remove some of a cliché back-from-the-dead scenario. His added comments that there is always a price to pay makes good sense, too, and could generate fun guesses as to just what will turn out to be Storm's 'BND' status quo. Not a fan of indulgent splash pages but her collage flashback was an okay moment.

Shuri comes across as a competant new BP candidate with Panther God Trial. Wasnt there years ago to read just how involved the Panther God was when T'Challa took the trial so it will could be interesting to see how cool the white cat is this time around. But HOPEFULLY, the changing of the guard is done with next issue.

Still not impressed or curious with the Morlun subplot.

Nice to see T'Challa is still getting good page time. He seems spot on. And the deadly last page cliffhanger is well done. Looks like he is wisely helping himself before relying on Ororo to throw him a lifeline.

    I hadn't read BP for ages.. & thought the new numbering / new direction and New female BP miiight have been a good jumping on point.. I recently eliminated all X-titles from my pull list (a tough decision since I had an unbroken run of Uncanny over 350 issues, but the quality had been lacking for a looong time) so was looking to see if there were any titles I could take up

    ..imagine my disappointment when the NEW (and much hyped) BP did not appear in either the 1st or 2nd issue... it probably wouldnt have been quite so bad if.. ooh, i dunno.. the female BP hadnt been plastered ALL OVER the covers...

    ...well, feelings of cheated? used? hoodwinked? misled..???

    YOU BET..!

Nicely done promo trailer (and T'Challa pronunciation):
And some interview links:
More disection at CBR:

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