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Subj: Re: DOOMWAR #2 was real good...
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    This was a great read...

Yes it was real good until the confusing ending that took the wind out of its sails. Did Doom show good reason why he killed others but not Ororo? Did Doom kill all the others (including QM)? Did Doom solve the purity puzzle? Did the vault door open and did Doom pass thru it? Did Doom show any hint of how he would get the metal out? Did Doom etch that word in the vault wall? Sure, these could all be answered next issue (or maybe were and missed 'em) but the drama built up to such a nice climax right up to the point where T'Challa oddly pushes that indistinguishable button that does something at which point the story flow came to a sudden stop even though there was still the final page to go. Again, though other than that real good.

    And why is this board so lifeless?

Thats the $64,000 question!

    I don't think most of the board reads Black Panther or comics on a weekly basis. I get my comics once a month and read them then, but my mate gets his every week, and I look those his until then.

Hmmm. 43241 / 3.99 = 10837 potential posters. Spread the link: http://www.comicboards.com/blackpanther/ ! \:\)

    Doomwar? My jury is still out. I'm unhappy with Wakadan being conquered because T'Challa allowed it so he could blah blah blah. Wakanda as an unconquered nation is a fairly new concept (under Priest?) that was terminated much too soon.

Well, it is T doing the usurping and if anyone knows the defenses he would. More unhappy with him using a sledgehammer instead of a toothpick to do it in this issue given his long history with low (in/direct) killcount.

    Shuri as the Black Panther is also too much for me, especially since T'challa never had any siblings until this volume.

Didnt really note that big a problem with her low-key introduction into the MU and may have been standoffish since her quest to take up the mantle. However, she has my attention right now with these first 2 issues.

    Lastly, the Black Panther's own comic has been put on hiatus for Doomwar. Where is the sense (Creative or otherwise) in doing such a thing?

    I'm not sure how I feel about Wakanda being conquered after 10,000 years.

    On the other hand, for the many people who complained that they had a problem with Wakanda being so "uber" and "unconquered," they will have to find anoher excuse to not like Panther, his his nation has seemingly fallen.

    I think T'Challa used to have a half-brother (Jakarra) or somebody...and he did have Hunter (the White Wolf), who was his adopted brother from the Priest run on "Black Panther..."

Oh yeah, http://marvel.com/universe/Black_Panther_(T'Challa), forgot about Jakarra. Plus there were his cousins the Black Musketeers created by Kirby: http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/blckmusk.htm

    I also think that Marvel had to put the "Black Panther: title on hiatus because anything happening in DoomWar would probably have to be mentioned in the ongoing Panther book, and it might have ruined the ending to DoomWar or something.

Possibly. However, With good storytelling technique and scenes like the exciting Doom countdown here that should be a non ..er.. issue, right? [Still trying to figure out exactly what happened with Prometheus and Roy having only read the ongoings and not that mini.]

    But even if it is on hiatus, Marvel could have told "filler" tales of Storm and the Black Panther, like had stories about some of their dates before they got married...or they could have told tales of previous Black Panther royalty until DoomWar was over.

True. Wouldnt have necessarily bought filler but it still couldve worked for other patrons. And it would show more BP support from the Bullpen.

    And I still don't understand why Marvel is not marketing DoomWar. The company claims it is trying to make Storm and the Black Panther top-tier, but the company has a funny way of showing it.

Yeah a simple footnote or two in any X-title would probably do wonders.


I miss you, Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
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