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Subj: Re: DOOMWAR #4... [Re: FFMB thread]
Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 at 02:13:04 pm EDT (Viewed 269 times)
Reply Subj: DOOMWAR #4... [Re: FFMB thread]
Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 at 03:33:00 pm EDT (Viewed 480 times)

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Replying, here, to this FFMB reactions thread:

> I think the idea was that everyone would assume it's one of those Deadpool joke variants we've been seeing for months. Hiding the twist in plain sight, as it were.
Yep. It worked on me. Darn, shouldve guessed it from the solicit here:

> The cover is really an odd choice since JR jr gives away what I suppose was supposed to have been a surprise ending.
Good point, though.

> I've seen an image of the one for issue #5 and it is pretty bland.
Think its all right, pretty good in fact. Much better than a poser one.

> I am no Deadpool fan
Ditto. But -since he does exist- this should be interesting.

> once we finally get to see just how wide Doom's network is, the heroes are going around and destroying them!
VERY disappointing not seeing any international heroes tossed in with the appreciated international locales.

> at least in Doomwar Sue, Ben and Johnny are each shown leading their own teams of the dwindling numbers of the fierce Dora Milaje.
Yeah, overall a better battle showing than the 'deathless' SIEGE war with barely a victim/killcount announced. Though Storm jobbed so bad comparitively this time 'round. Guess that special armor wasnt all that special after it all. The realism of the fallen has good logic/story impact but kinda sad, at the same time, that T'Challa's method of attack involves so many sacrifices. Wasn't even Big Hero 6 free for a panel or two?

> He cautions T'Challa about using some new discovery called Shadow Physics, which may be one of those last minute "saves" that will foil the Victor's plans.
Interesting element.

> I enjoyed issue #4 quite a bit. It was quite an improvement over last issue.
Thought it had hits and misses like last ish.

> In a cartoon world he is a cartoon. There are other characters like this, Squirrel Girl being the first one that springs to my mind. He's an attempt at a sales boost, that's all he is. He'll probably dissapear(actually, let's hope he dissapears) as soon as his job is done, much like the X-Men did. Oh? There's still a world to save? Sorry, we're busy.
Ha! My exact sentiment on the DISAPPOINTING absence of the Xmen. Odd considering Wolverine will be coming back too. And, wouldnt it be great if Doom compared Wade to Doreen!

> This is the guy who T'Challa reached out to first? Sorry, I don't buy it. It would be like Jack Bauer reaching out to Bugs Bunny to save the world or James Bond calling in Spongebob Squarepants to take down Octopussy. To me it minimizes the seriousness of the story to see such an absurd element thrown into it. A different "wild card" could have been used. Heck, I would have been more open to Wolverine being used.
Ha, again! Good one. But to be fair here - reserving judgement to until we see exactly how DP got the call.

> I did find the characterization of Reed to be off. Here's a guy who resorted to drastic proactive measures in Authoratative Action to make sure Doom was never a threat again. So here, while Doom is a threat to the planet in the present, he is hesitant to use T'Challa's new type of science. It was hypocritcal of Reed
So true.

> I think Maberry had to switch them out once the comic showing Nightcrawler's death came out so I guess Second Coming and Doomwar are sort of concurrent and both are after Siege.
Hmmmm. Interesting Kurt observation. Is there any online confirmation EXACTLY when this annoyingly unclear chronology goes down yet?

> Was it really T'Challa's plan to hire Deadpool to assassinate Victor Von Doom? Might as well shoot a BB gun at Galactus.
Ha. And the good zingers at the FFMB continue. At least it wasnt Monkey Speedball or thatever he's called: http://i33.tinypic.com/oiiph.jpg ;\)

Any other BPMB reactions to compare to the FFMBers'? Or compare with others?

*More heroes should be helping like he's helped in the past..

I miss my brother.

I just hate how various response posts on other message boards make value judgements about what will happen in future issues...like that one person questioning why Deadpool was recruited by T'Challa, and why someone else like Wolverine was not called in.

It's almost as if the poster is second-guessing the writer's decision. I can understand making value judgements after the issue was released and explanations were given, but to criticize the decisions made even before we get to see how the rest of the story unfolds just seems odd to me.

Plus, do we even know that T'Challa hired Deadpool to assassinate Doctor Doom, or is that the poster's assumption? For all we know, T'Challa could have hired Deadpool so that he could tickle Doctor Doom, or throw tomatoes at him (just to annoy Doom).

T'Challa realized that he was being predictable in his actions, so he made an unpredicatble move by hiring an unpredictable person.

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