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Subj: Re: DOOMWAR #6 Review, really...(SPOILERS)
Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 at 09:05:21 am EDT (Viewed 432 times)
Reply Subj: DOOMWAR #6 Review, really...
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Nitpicks aside, first...

The cover was good for those reading from beginning but looks a bit Doom generic and REALLY could have used a blurb to hype it up as the finale.

'Largest store'?? 10G tons?? The proliferation/distribution availability of vibranium has been revealed with statistics contrary to presumptions since the Wakanda/SavageLand treaty but it was relatedable for this arc and gets a return to an intriguing and more writer-manageable status quo by the end.

Reed's sarcasm "BUT YOU DO" really read as no sense. It looked liked Shuri was disconnected (intentionally or as oversight) and Reed was offly insulting her (intentionally or cowardly) behind her back (like he never caused international incident). Then next scene Shuri has been reconnected as is there all along.

The FF fight really could have used a Locale Box. Storm got one. (Have to check past ish, thought they were at different spots too...)

The big collage was good display of the sitch but did they really have to make Nehzno a giant and Klaw back to status quo with no exposition at all - the welcome cameos had a sense to them but the vague placement was frustrating. Even Magneto, was that supposed to be Utopia that Doom had taken the fight to? All these were missed story interlude oppurtunities.

The early fighting on divided fronts was boring with their one panel durations.

Hank Pym is AKA Wasp. Seems little but this Editorial oversight was really bothersome. And it was really convenient that Docs Strange and Voodoo had 'SKYPE' access (though it may be conveniently no-prized as an astral connection).

The gathering in Symkaria felt too fast, really, Doom regrouped that much more efficiently than the (just the same old) heroes was a painful, if necessary, plot device. And for being ALL THAT POWERFUL NOW, the guy put on a pretty pathetic personal show.

Shuri could really benefitted from having her name said as she vengefully approached Doom at the end - with all the costume changes since her intro had to momentarily mentally place Teela and that Dora Milaje girl Doom killed in BP series elsewhere.

Okay, serious nitpicks but otherwise it was 'a mind-blowing conclusion' in several ways. The storyline wrapped up nicely. Decent pacing and big picture development. And the art was really good. As for the players...

Reed: other than the sarcasm was okay but really didnt do much this ish considering the foe was Doom.

Sue: had that really cool cleaving Doombot scene.

Thing and Johnny: background players.

Broker: got satisfactory closure.

DP: got JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of facetime since he WAS involved. He really deserves his prize at the end ;\) since he contributed more than most by then.

WM: doesnt want to be a part of formal invasions?? Rhodes wants to be WAR Machine! He better quit Secret Avengers then. Another background player mostly but did get a really cool firing in 2 directions scene (ATTACHED, really).

Teela and the Midnight Angels: Background players which was really disappointing after their interesting intro immediately before this ish. The did get a really cool Guthrie/Cannonball-like divebomb scene. Plus they have neat Particle Swords which readers should see more of.

Dora Milaje: Background and decimated which has plot seed potential.

Storm: Adds some flash finally but unfortunately background-ish and detached connection to her whole trial/torture thing at the start of it all.

Other heroes: Welcome cameos - even if behind the scenes or lacking for many (incl.Stark). The gathering at the end was fair mini closure too - unfortunately it was really more syruppy than clear with the what/when/where/why/who's of it (incl.Cyke).

T'Challa and Shuri: really good advancement of their storylines since BP was blow'd up real good by Doom. Lots of plot seed potential for either to get a series back.

DOOM: provided a great fit-in-anywhen crisis even though his defeat was really too rushed. And thankfully the reduction and mysticizing of vibranium he caused should now provide really interesting reprecussions/stories to come.

Did anybody else really like it?

I miss Dan.

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The thing I really dug about the ending is how Doom was literally on his knees before T'Challa and all his enemies. That has to be the ultimate humiliation for him. I'm also glad that Maberry shook things up regarding Wakanda. All fictional kingdoms in the Marvel Universe --
Attilan, Atlantis, Asgard, etc -- endure a period of upheaval and rebuilding. Wakanda had gotten somewhat status quo over the years. If this leads to some interesting stories regarding T'Challa and company, its worth it.

I know that some are upset that Shuri has assumed the role of the Black Panther now. That doesn't bother me too much, since I know that eventually T'Challa will reclaim the role. Its no different that when John Walker was Captain America, Eric Masterson was Thor, James Rhodes was Iron Man, Ben Reilly was Spider-Man, and on and on. The original always returns.

Glad to see the Panther at the centerpoint of a Marvel event. I hope Marvel follows through on their plains to put him in the center of the Marvel Universe.

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