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so shuri thinks she's a bad ass now because she stole some of Doom's money, which he'll easily remake, and then threatens him after her brother stopped Doom's plan, but in the process destroyed Wakanda's economy and alienated all the nations in the world????
let's see, Doom brutalized Wakanda, and maintains his position, and Wakanda's military and economy are crippled severely. who won???
as well, the speach was very arrogant and preachy from a Character who's side is decimated while their opponent is still a very real threat. annoying. but a good story.

Actually, they stole ALL of Doom's money according to Walter DeClun, who was the guy who was managing it for Doom. And even if he could remake it easily, who's to say Wakanda can't do the same. Their knowledge of technology can enable them to rebuild their economy just as easily as Doom can.

Its curious that so many are distressed over the troubles Wakanda has endured in this storyline. If you look at virtually every single fictional kingdom in the Marvel Universe, whether its Asgard, Attilan, Atlantis or fill in the blank, they all eventually suffer some sort of devastating event -- and they all eventually comeback. Similiarly, almost every iconic hero eventually gets replaced by someone else temporarily. Whether its Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Captain America (John Walker), Iron Man (Jim Rhodes), Thor (Eric Masterson), etc, someone will take over the role for awhile, and the original will always return. And T'Challa will eventually return to the role of the Black Panther. Anyone remember Kaspar Cole?