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I stated in my previous post that I didn't agree with all Priest did, but if he's greatly revered, it's for the development he brought to Black Panther. There's an interview he gave that explains the whole Hulk dancing in the nightclub bit. It's funny that you bring that up, because at that time, I was just about to drop the book because I didn't like the direction, but stayed on after I read the interview. Priest stated something to the effect that he was writing month-to-month at that time, because he didn't realize the book wasn't cancelled as of issue 12. That and his artists kept changing from issues 1-12 and he tried to structure stories to the artists talents, but as they kept switching, the stories did not fit the style, art, etc.

I didn't care for the aneurysm plot device ( which includes happy pants), but like Miller or Byrne or anyone else who brings significant development to a character, Priest is going to be thought of highly.

Yes, that's the nature of comics, but that's also the point and my frustration. Do they really want me to just sit things out until T'Challa comes back? If so, then who are these stories being written for, the fan who has OCD and buy until T'Challa is back where belongs. The battle with Doom could have been a cerebral and action-packed storyline without having to lean on worn tropes of comic writing. It's one thing if it's Superman, I mean, he'll still be published, but Black Panther is not a character to enjoy long life on the stands (another comic trope) and I'd rather see the principal character as much as possible.

By deposed I meant removed from the throne, if I'm using the word correctly. Namor's own people deposed him by moving off altogether and Black Bolt's been sacked by Maximus more than twice. In T'Challa's case, he abdicated in the LS for ONE issue (end of #2) and was back on the throne in issue #4. With Killmonger, T'Challa was still King, though he wasn't Black Panther. With Shuri he is neither. I was surprised to see how easily she replaced him as well. The comical thing with Killmonger being BP was that no one showed him any regard, leading him to take the heart-shaped herb and go comatose, putting T'Challa back in the raiment.

I must say I've enjoyed this. Most of these boards are dead, but anytime I can talk about one of my favorite characters, it's a good day.

Its always good when two fans can have a civil discussion about a character they both like. I have enjoyed this as well.

Although you -- and to some extent I -- may not care for the direction Marvel is taking the Panther in, I still give them credit for trying something new with the character. I believe they felt the need to shake things up in order to generate some interest in the character. As you mentioned, even during the Priest run sales on the book were lackluster. Tom Brevoort stated that there is a perception among a segment of fans that the Panther was the periphery of the Marvel Universe -- that by being in Wakanda he was "over there" instead of in the middle of the Marvel U where most of the excitement and interest is.
Whenever you have characters that reside in some "far off" kingdom -- whether its Thor, Namor, or whoever -- you at some point have to bring them back into the mainstream of the universe they inhabit. That was hard to do while T'Challa was sitting as king of Wakanda, and I imagine that it becomes more and more difficult to justify him coming to New York (where most of the Marvel heroes reside) while he's still ruling Wakanda.

Now personally, I'm taking a way and see attitude regarding this Man without Fear thing. Although I'm not enthused by the idea, I'm willing to give it a fair chance, and if it generates more interest in the Panther from readers,-- and that's a big IF at this point -- I think that'll be good thing.

As a long-time comics readers, I remember periods where the Panther sat in limbo appearing NOWHERE for years. Talk about T'Challa being replaced as the Panther, doesn't anyone remember when Priest had Kasper Cole running around as the Panther? How much sense did THAT make? I give Marvel credit for, if nothing else, making a real effort over the years to keep the Panther going. He could just as easily be sitting unpublished and unseen in limbo, and then many of the fans complaining now (I don't mean you) would be griping because there's no Panther comic. Its not enough just to attract old Priest fans like us, because if it were, the book would've never been cancelled in the first place.

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