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Reply Subj: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #515 PREVIEW
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Thanks for the link.

Huh, really dont wanna be a buzzkill after reading...

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #515

Especially with such HIGH praise online for story AND art:

If you liked the title so far, you'll like this as its basically the same tale told the same way in spite of any negative feedback. Feel kinda bad 'cuz Still not rockin' me. Mostly for the same reasons as my reactions to last ish. This review sorta echos my take:

To be diplomatic there were one or two okay elements. Cage, panel layout, and mention of Kingpin/DD.

banner submission

Pretty good attention to Vlad characterization in an attempt to make him a worthy foe. Pussy-cat Man. \:\) He is shooting himself in the foot though with his one strike policy because that means he will be getting no teaser buzz since it seems unlikely Marvel will let him hire any A-list villains because he'd have to kill a handbook character. ;\) Seriously though, fear that this is could decrease in Diamond Sales at the same rate as last ish.

It will be interesting to guage reaction from this message board to help predict if this series will go on or end. Fearing the worst. Well, to credit of the Man Without Fear he does rate a promo poster position for FEAR ITSELF Event:

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