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Subj: Re: Wolverine #8: Exciting Black Panther (fight)...
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Any comments on this new arc?

Wolverine(2013) #8


    • It all starts here, the biggest Wolverine event in years!
    • Wolverine thinks a cure has been found…but it’s in Wakanda, where he’s not exactly a welcome guest!
    • Meanwhile, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. are working on even bigger problems that Wolverine might have caused.
    • Guest-starring Storm and Black Panther!


I miss Dad and Dan.

Wolverine #8

Going to start off by saying the 7 issue set-up of this alien virus foe was NOT to my liking. As a plot device to make Wolverine "KILLABLE" it is more acceptable given the interesting character potential that might result for Logan. Having said that this was a great issue.

Going to start off the compliments by saying when a fine or even decent story is accompanied by excellent art the issue is a hit. Not every time the opposite can be said. Davis and Farmer bat it out of the park! As they usually do. Maybe a little more Wakandan background was called for but the feel and flow of the issue was not hindered by it.

This was clearly a Wolverine story and yet Black Panther got equal facetime which was refreshing respect for the character given his series lost and NA permanency still in question. The whole reunion with Ororo went down pretty well considering the X-Editors aren't giving her back. Maybe an actual appearance of Shuri was in order but she is mentioned and probably will show up anyways.

Some of the good points:
• The fight was good! Believable. Well choreographed and generous punch pose panels.
• T'Challa felt spot on.
• The title page was a bit indulgent.
• Interesting to see Logan maturely dealing with his handicap and handicapping effectively how to come at T'Challa.
• "ACTING DIRECTOR" is a publishing chronology nitpick, otherwise Hill had a decent cameo, if only to emphasize that Fury Jr isn't the be all end all of SHIELD... yet.
• Interesting humane-sounding Suspended Animation Prison System.
• INCREDIBLE: a footnote was used perfectly. Though why Ro would even divulge T's 'jealous' warning against Wolverine does her character no credit.
• Neat detail conveying a shiver to Logan's voice. All that gutteral growl is probably hazardous to a normal man's larynx or somesuch.
• T'Challa 'playing along' all along with some reverse psychology was so T'Challa. Good stuff.
• Dr.Victoria Frankenstein appearance is servicable. It's good to get new blood in stories. She also unavoidably incurs a bio nitpick, as does Dr.Maximilian Frankenstein whenever he shows, until their connection is clearly established in-story.
• Storm handling the whole cadre in one shot is fine example of her Omega Level power and at the same precident to cringe every time she jobs which happens far too often.
• Fury Jr was on his way to a servicable guest star role until we see his dumb purpose this issue was to introduce the STUPIDLY RIDICULOUS Building Buster Bug!!! C'mon, this is deus ex machina to the distasteful extreme! Bah!
• The Host is potentially interesting. Curious how long before a comic ignores the fact that she is the only virus manipulator superhuman though.
• Liked how the fight turned out. Although, maybe some actual red blood was called for. That breather mask is cool. SHILED should have had their device more visual.
• It was probably intended more as a funny line and it works but she is probably on the level too and that could open a can of problematic worms.
• The reunion! Captured in my banner submission.
• Neat way to "FREE" up Storm to come to Wakanda whenever she wants again. That actually could have been a nice smile behind his mask!
• The cliffhanger page was a wild twist. No, not that. \:\) The 'lady' in blue! Talk about bad penny's turning up! Wonder if it's the virus in her and that's why she X-phoned her taunt to Logan? Anole scores a cameo chatting with a girl too!

I miss Dad and Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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