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Subj: Re: Ultimates2 #4: Talk about COSMIC!
Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 at 04:39:10 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Ultimates2 #4: Talk about COSMIC!
Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 at 04:39:02 pm EST (Viewed 787 times)

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Ultimates2 004 (2017)

> Philip Vogt knows the truth. The Ultimates have reformed — and they’re working for Galactus. That means trouble. It’s time to send in the Troubleshooters! Meanwhile, on the fringes of possibility, Galactus confronts a terrifying new entity… LOGOS!

*nb: Vogt does not appear.

Cool to see Never Queen finally appear outside the SS title.

So LOGOS (Merged Chaos/Order Entity) continues cosmic killing. He wipes out 5 of the 6 Celestials that survived the Beyonders Incursion. Ouch. He gave The Celestials more props for their role in creation in Universe #7 than expected. He is connected to, or confirmed unwitting agent of, Empty Hand

Lots of interesting post-Sw old-616 ANAD-Prime Earth of Universe 8 info dumped. Someone suggested online:
> It's gonna end up like the old ultimate universe. Barely any abstracts.
> I guess one above all replaces logos. Death, infinity, love and hate, the watchers, the stranger stays.
> Doom killed every beyonder but the child one.

Wow. The Troubleshooters are tough cookies! Match for Avengers, X-men, defunct Squadron Supreme, etc... Shouldn't be long before CBMB is posting power observations. The Ultimates aren't too shabby here either!

Carol still at (civilized) odds with BP.

Something called the Four Forces War is mentioned.

T'Challa gets notable facetime. He takes on TWO Troubleshooters for a bit there. He is a classic Marvel character that deserves a front row seat at all this cosmic restructuring.

Troubleshooters are ALL interestingly presented:
> ? 1st Lt. Kathy Ling
> ? Lt. Col. Jim Tensen
> ? Lt. Col. Dionne McQuaid
> ? Simon Rodstvow
> ? Lt. Col. Dionne McQuaid
> ? Col. Terry Jessup

Whoa! Galactus is (made to be) hungry again!!!!

Next issue we learn who The Jailer is it looks like!

Help the Cancer Society and the Alzheimer Society.

I'm really thankful for this book, because I love the cosmic comic books ( though, I'm tired of Thanos). I love Chaos/Order, Eternity, In-Betweener and the gang. Does the new guy (Logus?) look a lot like Living Tribunal to you? Sincerest form of flattery after you kill something? lol Wasn't reading the latest take on Silver Surfer, but like the 'concept' of Never Queen. Did my book get messed up, she had a bunch of blue specks in my book? Whatever will she do with a celestial...hmmmmm.

The government gang is ...interesting. Powers seem a little too yang to the Ultimates' ying, but I'll play along. My favorites are techno woman and thought guy. I love Monica and the kitchen scene was funny. Techno woman just has cool powers (though T'Challa is still going to kick her butt).

I was really enjoying Galactus the Developer. I hope this is only a temporary setback. Being hungry doesn't seem to agree with him. lol