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    Not a bad theory. The only problem is that the new suit is white and "coal" when used was another term to represent the color black.

I'd say that it looks grey compared to the white tiger costume which Kasper Cole is wearing in the same issue.

Actually, it reminds me of the "happy pants" costume and the Death Tiger costume.

(... and also, the costume of another character, lol \^_\^ ' )

I also suspect that the whole plan is to make Kasper Cole some kind of Marvel version of the Bronze Tiger.
(it would not be the first time that the famous DC character is associated with the Black Panther-verse : )

Still, you're right. It is highly possible that I am wrong even though I hope that they will remember the Coal Tiger alias.

The only big cat of the genus Panthera with grey fur that I can think of is the Snow Leopard. Otherwhile, there is also the Clouded Leopard which belongs to the genus Neofelis. The Snow Leopard is also nicknamed the grey ghost cat of the mountains. In the Marvel Universe, the Snow Leopard alias is already used by a trio of obscure characters.

Perhaps, Ghost Panther, the former alias of Ororo, instead ?

Or, perhaps, Ghost Tiger ?
It was the name of a Night Raven foe ( )and the Ancient One once used it as an alias (Epic Anthology#1/2).

All of those are great possibilities. You've got my curiosity peaked!