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    you are getting your white haired african women confused! lol I hope it was a mistype. One is 'Ro the other is Shuri. Ro has straight white hair; Shuri has locs. Don't let it happen again! ;\)

Sorry. Accident. My bad. Thanks for the correction!

    Point 1: I don't know what kind of therapy the two of them have gone through because the current depiction of the Ororo and T'challa relationship is a freaking 180 degree turn from the angst almost dislike that they showed towards one another after the divorce and until very (very) recently. It has got me scratching my head. Is she appearing in the movie? I didn't think so, but it is the only reason for how their relationship is now: movie tie-in.

Agreed. (https://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=xmb-2017050821170659)

    Point 2: comics have always played fast and loos with the concept of gods. I mean most pantheons have been depicted in the comics. I think only God and Allah (officially) have remain untouched. So you can kinda understand T'challa's question. I mean he's hung out with Thor, and had dinner with Bast. He's question to Ororo doesn't seem that far fetched.

Well, it's a... pertinent question given the related storyline. Just not sure he should be asking Ororo it. It would be interesting for T to state whether he feels Thor (or Asgardians) are equal peers to the likes of Bast and his Pantheon of faith. As for God and Allah, maybe somebody can remember, if any previous Ghost Rider arcs dealt with TOAA God?
[EDIT:How 'bout son of satan series: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/50/12/f1/5012f1232608aaed1150ff5baf60af70.jpg ?]

    Point 3: Yes, when Ororo first appeared she was worshipped as a goddess....by a village. This has been touched on and off throughout her history. It explained her haughtiness in the beginning. I think she is partly joking with T'challa. But yes she was energized by her 'followers'. Aren't you energized when family/loved ones pay you compliments? Don't you stand a little straighter, perform a little better when someone gives you kudos? When someone has 'faith' in you don't you do your very best not to disappoint them? Okay, that's a baseline human. Now imagine what you would accomplish if you had superpowers ( well aside from your superior moderating powers)

Fair point. There is 'that word' that escapes me where it's an actual power (of necessity) to retain peak omnipotent levels. Anyways, as you allude Storm is just human and mutant - he played with her in their youth and he knows other Omega Level mutants that he considers human. So it the degree of sincerity read into this exchange felt very wrong to me.

    Really she is just teasing T'challa about considering herself a goddess. Heck, I constantly tell people I am a queen and a mutant ( though I really am). What's the harm?

\:D That's possible.

    Point 4: I don't think ancestors are divine. They don't have any special powers outside what they do for their bloodline. gods and goddesses spread their power around for the benefit of their worshippers ( direct lineage not required).


    Point 5: The real question is why have the gods abandoned them ( comic characters, not I). When your back is against the wall and you've done all your supposed to, why didn't they show up? Were you faking it and not believing? Not doing what your religion requires? Did you change your religion (doesn't seem to be the case in BP) Or did something happen to the gods (probably the case).

So maybe The Orisha aren't getting enough prayers from Wakandans (their only followers?) enabling them and give them superpower to help T'Challa out? Another point that should be addressed ASAP is BP's station as King of the Dead. How can he bring his Ancestors Spirits to the Earthly Realm to fight -a power over life and death- and seemingly ask such a naive question to Ro?

I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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