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Black Panther and the Crew 003 (2017)

Well, BPMBer Panthera was right about first posting it was NOT yet cancelled. This was better than issues #1 & #2 which is no great feat but still a positive. The cover is clean, curious but also confusing with it's unclear characters. The inside artstyle is consistent which is a positive but really not more than servicable IMO.

The story pacing is still terribly slow and the contrived load of retroactive canon about Harlem and Storm's father is piled upon even more this ish. On the plus side, there is a lot of content here (to consider). A negative, there still is an imbalance of casual dialogue over exciting action. And still The Crew team has not formed (and what's the point if cancellation is looming and The Defenders is debuting?).

The content to consider and comment on:

··· More political opinions about places of superpowers and super powers in those places. Pretty dry debate when #1  were all about this too.
··· 1956 had an HQ of some hero team(presumably) called Harlem's Crusade. Ezra Keith was main patron, if not sole founder, and Frank Roberts had some connection.
··· 1956 Philippines had a super team of 6 characters, pictured and unnamed.
··· 1956 China had a super team of 5 characters, pictured and unnamed except the one that resembled The Collective Man.
··· 1956 Madripoor, MADRIPOOR!, had a super team of 5 characters, pictured and unnamed.
··· 1956 had a list of 16 US minority citizens, seen in NAMED headshots who were candidates to join a hero 'army' at Harlem's Crusade. Does anyone recognize any of the names besides Adam Brashear and Gabe Jones? MORE WOMEN than men! Huh.
··· RK coincidentally had an affiliation with Wakanda before Ro ever met and fell in love with T. Maybe before she was born? His codename was The Lynx. He had an association with this old Harlem woman Marla telling his story now.
··· There was some engaging soap-opera-ish between the ex-couple. There was also this WILD and PROFOUND statement by BP. Profound about the marriage but WILD about the reality molding! Is he casually claiming credit for helping Owen and Franklin create*koff* Universe 8 after Secret Wars? When he did that time travel to the beginning of Wakanda in SW#9? What did you make of this?:

··· Turns out even back then RK was coincidentally prepping for a war with HYDRA way back then -- should they ever come to Harlem it seems since clearly they attacked all over the rest of the Earth since then with no yet retconned help from Ezra.
··· ROBIN GIVHAN referenced. Who?
··· HYDRA invested in a Hotel called The Renaissance as a clandestine resource. And with narcissistic stupidity secretly designed it's floorplan to resemble it's evil logo (which was a neat scene with TChalla discovering this)
··· i may be younger but i'll look after you when you're not here
··· Not 1 or 2 but 3 in-story Easter Egg references to this song was... uhh, something:

··· Not sure if her reasoning was sound but, somehow, Storm deduces Misty who is off to consult Cage, is in danger from HYDRA attack. Plus, if Captain HYDRAmerica is running the show, wouldn't he know a bazooka would not hurt Cage?
··· HYDRA's open attack here really puts into question the story placement in regards to Secret Empire. In the Cap book, HYDRACap never had open HYDRA activity before #0 and yet this seems to be pre-SE which is frustrating without any reader friendly footnotes. Also with The Defenders on the same monitors board does this story happen after that team formed? And where does this synch up with the main BP title where Kasper Cole is being recruited by BP for solo missions?

PREVIEW: https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/APR171034

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Robin Givhan is a fashion editor that won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

You know, sometimes I wonder if editorial or the writer is responsible for this level of decompression. This is moving at a GLACIAL pace. It is no wonder that it got cancelled. Makes you wonder if Marvel even wanted this book to succeed. So much of it is a rehash of issue 1 & 2. Sign. Anyway.

Yes, though while I didn't read that secret wars mess, it is my understanding is that it was the three of them in tandem that rebuilt the multiverse. Wasn't T'challa wearing the Infinity Gauntlet at the time of the remaking. As I said, I didn't read the series so I could be wrong about the part he played.

Either way, I don't know what he's talking about with remaking his marriage. Did I miss something, did he remake the vibranium? T'cholla, in my mind, has always been portrayed as someone who does what s right, without considering if he will get hurt in the process. The only time he went against this was when he brought back his sister. Sorry, I think bringing back a dead sister trumps regaining a marriage. 'Ro is still alive and by the looks of things....romance can bloom again.

Sorry if I'm not making any comments on the storyline. I'm just done with it since I know that after the first arc there will be no more crew. Also, the pace it has taken....I just don't care anymore. I agree with you that it is ridiculous to be on issue #3 and the full crew has yet to assemble together. WTH?!/!?

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