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    Dude, you lack a grasp of basic history and economics. I am so sorry your grade school history teachers failed you so badly. Yadda a book once in a while maybe even do a little research from reliable sources so that you sound less ignorant on topics you clearly think your "feelings" supersede reality.

I blame our current president. I think now that he's in power every two bit racist, conspiracy theorist, schizophrenic, idiot or gun nut feels like they've been vindicated now that they have one of their own in power. We used to institutionalize people on the fringe like this but now they're mainstream. It's scary out there.

You blame the current president for what? I don't need anyone telling me that the average black is inferior. And it's due to a culture that blames others for it's failures. LMAO! You would be the one institutionalized for believing in a concept that is so unlikely, and thinking it could have happened, that even my comic book suspension of disbelief can't accept it.

Here's another one for your logic:

If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.