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Subj: Re: Just saw Panther (maybe minor Spoilers)
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 01:24:18 pm EST (Viewed 707 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Just saw Panther (maybe minor Spoilers)
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      I just saw it. It's a good movie. But not great. The only thing I loved about it was the actors. They assembled a great cast. And it was a pretty good story. But, there's very little re-watchability to it. It's comparable to Dr. Strange and the first Thor movie. So, where did it go wrong? Poor cinematography, very weak combat choreography, an over-reliance on CGI, and an uninspiring soundtrack.

I loved Doctor Strange but wasn't that thrilled by the first two Thor movies. (Haven't even seen the third.)

I loved the Black Panther soundtrack.

I agree the combat choreography was less than stellar. But oddly enough, I don't think the movie was really about that. After all, the two main fights (the one with M'Baku and the first one with Killmonger) were both undertaken by T'Challa without benefit of the Heart Shaped Root or the Panther suit. The second Killmonger fight was more about T'Challa trying to slow the fight down and minimize the lethality so there was at least a chance of somehow convincing Killmonger to relent.


      The 2 things that bugged me most: killing off Klaw, before he even became Klaw. Are you kidding me? Panther's arch-enemy reduced to a two-bit arms dealer who gets snuffed like some nobody? We got robbed of seeing a pretty cool villain, with impressive powers. And he'll never get to be on the Masters of Evil. This isn't just a lack of foresight, it's blatant stupidity.

There was never going to be a Masters of Evil. I wish I could say otherwise but it just isn't in the cards. The Masters of Evil work so well because of the history with their individual opponents. That history is manageable and usable when stories are coming out once a month. When stories are instead taking years to come out - not so much.

    I found BLACK PANTHER underwhelming. While Black Panther does thematically tackle topical issues, weighing isolationism against helping other countries, the only really good thing about Black Panther were the three main female supporting roles: Lupita Nyong'o as love interest Nakia, Danai Gurira as General Okoye, and especially Letitia Wright as T'Challa's sister, Shuri, in the comic relief role. On the other hand, they totally upstage the main character.

And don't forget T'Challa's Mom!

This movie could just as well have been titled, "Wakanda" - and it might have been, I think, if the Marketing Department had agreed, which of course it did not and would not have in a million years.

    The plot is too by-the-numbers. The action scenes aren't terribly exciting or well choreographed and the one that takes place at night is especially murky (duh, your main character is dressed totally in black). The final fight between our hero and the main baddie is practically an after thought.

I think the conversation between T'Challa and Killmonger was more important than the fight.

The strange thing is, Killmonger had a largely positive impact on Wakanda in the end. He drew out into the open the main Wakandan players who would have resisted T'Challa's historic decision to move the real Wakanda into the light of day on the world stage but without doing so as a conqueror. Those players are now either dead, jailed, or disgraced. Certainly they're no longer in power. Killmonger also sharpened T'Challa's laser focus on making and executing said historic decision.

    Also, Wakanda, for the most technologically advanced country in the world, has one of the dumbest forms of government: absolute monarchy decided by ritual combat to the death. That's just ridiculous on the face of it.

Yet straight from the comics unless I'm sorely mistaken. Incidentally, it was the opinion of Plato that the best form of government is the benevolent dictatorship, and he had good reasons for that opinion. But of course the worst form of government is the malevolent dictatorship, and that's always the risk you run.

The monarchy in Wakanda is actually herditary. The trial by combat ensures the ruling family is never allowed to grow weak and complacent. Wakanda is a warrior nation. That is actually the mystery of their culture. They're warriors and they have the best toys yet they don't conquer. Wouldn't you expect them to be conquerors? I hope future movies explore this mystery. I suspect Bast is at the heart of it.

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