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Subj: Re: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #7: What The Foom?!
Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 at 11:31:57 am EDT (Viewed 301 times)
Reply Subj: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #7: What The Foom?!
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Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda 007

So much to consider. Home many of these story elements get thumbs up \(yes\) ? For me there's argument for more thumbs down \(no\) . What did YOU think of each bullet below - or the whole story in general?

• Head of Avengers Mt. Security wearing earplugs while on duty. (Not to mention getting sloshed while on duty.)

• Implication that KingThor and JenHulk are still having rigorous sexually-charged 'training sessions'. (Feels unlikely that JenHulk even been mentioned in any Thor titles since they hitched up.)

• The Avengers are stated as N/A. That's fair. But not why/where so things continue to be chronology ambiguous.

• Presuming these are 3 Makluan dragons (for some reason their native tongue not as yet in every translation base) are powerful enough to shut down the Celestial Base seems a rushed plot device (and makes Avengers Security look embarrassing again).

• Fighting space dragons without Quinjet or base arsenal but instead with a dagger armed jungle man or just hand to hand is nuts. (But then that's comics - just ask any half dozen X-men while fighting many Sentinels.)

• American Eagle is now a bargain basement War Machine. At least he's last longer than Mockingbird or a big gorilla.

• Crazy concentration and impressive spotlight battle showing for Fat Cobra. (They're making him way better than Iron Fist and Power Man(Vic) combined.) He is evenly matched against a giant dragon and he SURVIVES being struck upon the base "HARDER THAN A NEUTRON BOMB"! Doesn't that seem even a bit eyeroll-worthy?

• Bobbi reveals there are an (unidentified) HORDE OF DANGEROUS PRISONERS in Avengers Mt.!?!?!?!?!

• Hmm... couldn't Ka-Zar already have a vibranium dagger from the supply that has been in the Savage Land for yeeears?

• Hmm... using drones as an assist is smart but shouldn't they be better designed to indicate if they are Avengers or AoW property?

• The Return of Screwbeard (for no special reason). Revisit Congress of Worlds (for no special reason).

• Is that Hildegard with the Warriors Three from WotR? Too bad she didn't get an I.D. box, too.

• Is Watchtower Tree just a rebranding of the name Yggdrasill?

• Broo with complete casual control over Avengers computer systems is awkward and/or creepy,

• Wast it made clear if that's Chi energy superbreath coming out of Fat Cobra or Boomerang breath firing back the dragonflames?

• Now, that Okoye knows of the attack, we shall see next issue how competantly T'Challa responds. Will he get assemble Avengers quick enough? Will he enlist Asgardians? Will his reaction time be timely?f

• O.M.G.!!! The final page reveal explaining the attack is... ridiculous... wordplay! FIN. FANG. "FOOL"?! Seriously?! Well, obviously not 'serious'. To be fair readers must wait to see how the actual plot/threat is next ish. Should readers bother considering how many 'baby dragon' past MU storylines' precident/canon should be considered going into it? BTW, what is the current status quo of Fin Fang "FOOM"? Hmm... WEHT Kid Kaiju and his potential as an AoW?



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This title has been really disappointing. I collect it to get my Black Panther fix, but I can't say I've enjoyed any of the stories yet. I'm a little surprised it hasn't been cancelled.

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