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Captain America #9

This had hardly any Cap in it but still had a fair degree of past Zeck-run type fun to it. All we get of Cap is the opening scene reminding readers that even as a sickly stick-figure shrimp Steve still has fire in his belly to fight the good fight. Of course, Steve takes pause to let Tony Stark remind him of this in Stark's heroic role as super... biologist(?again?!).

The cowardly new Viper gets a page of character development which is alright.

Bravo's escape has been successful and that is bad news. And not just 'cuz this is issue 9 and he is the only real villain of note in the series so far.

And efforts are still being made to stop the Madbombs in NYC. Unfortunately, this is somewhat redundant of the Avengers trying to stop Daken's bombs over in his title. In that title it at least feels like many Avengers and heroes are involved whereas here it looks like The Falcon is playing as a one man Secret Avengers team himself. And what are the odds that is good math?

But the main part of the issue is an Avengers Handler Sharon Carter story(?again?!). Agent 69, with prep, vs Machinesmith? Do you think the CBMB would've called the result? And technically we have to wait 'til next issue to see what were the results to the issue long mid-air battle - featured on the cover nicely. Though steve seeing Sharon smiling seeeems promising.

More details:

It shouldn't suprise you that there's hardly any Steve Rogers in Captain America. It is my proposal that Bru actually doesn't like Steve Rogers. He's in love with his Mary Sue Bucky.

I have never made it a secret that I hate the resurrection of Bucky. In fact, I hate the fact that virtually everyone Cap knew from WW2 is still around - Spitfire, Submariner, Human Torch. Heck even Sharon can pass for Peggy. In the Stan Lee era, that's not creepy, but in this more "modern" era of "sophisticated" story telling, it's really creepy.

Bru's run on Cap has been about getting rid of Cap. By making Bucky the interesting character with the modern edgy background, and literally putting Steve on ice, he's really demeaned the character of Steve. Now anyone can be Cap. Bucky is six inches shorter, is the real soldier who did the "hard" stuff while Steve made speeches. As if the American public would object to a super soldier doing what soldiers do - kill the enemy. Bru has reduced Steve to a joke. All the physical stuff is now no big deal. A short kid without super soldier serum can do everything Steve can do.

Bru's whole run has been disrespectful to Steve. It's killed his character and taken away one of Steve's main and basic features - survivor's guilt and man out of time. Now all Steve has to do to see all his friends is send them a text and Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Namor, Torch, Spitfire and Bucky show up.

Now the Bucky-less Cap book has Falcon and Sharon and Tony "I am an evil dick" Stark being active. Steve just sits around and whines.

I really hate bringing the dead back to life. Exception, Stephanie Brown. Her death was the result of evil people at DC deciding to fridge a perfectly viable character in service of a really awful, poorly conceived, written and executed storyline.

Bucky should stay dead because that's what happens in war. His death is a defining characteristic of the real Captain America and having everyone who fought in WW2 still around is just bad storytelling. It's just something you have to live with when you tie characters to a specific era.

Bru has really rewritten characters, making them something they weren't as portrayed in books like The Invaders, which lasted into the 1980s.

Plus Bucky's whole revival makes no logical sense if you look at it for three seconds. Having Bucky killed yet again to go undercover to go after ex Soviet stuff doesn't make sense. His profile is unique. "Hey comrade, all our sleeper cells which are nothing like the Nazi sleeper cells Stan and Jack wrote about in the 1960s were raided by a five foot six inch guy with a bionic arm. It couldn't be Bucky because he's dead. This person can't be under the direction of the Americans even though his every action coincides with American interests, so we can't blame the Americans. We've been outwitted. There's nothing we can do and we won't retaliate by hitting secret American bases."

Or I could be wrong. What I'm not wrong about is Bru raiding Steve Englehardt, Jack Kirby and now Gru stories. Rehashing isn't original Bru. Create your own Cap legacy that actually honors Steve Rogers. Many reviews of the movie pointed out that having an old-fashioned non-ironic hero in this day and age is actually refreshing. Why don't you actually write the character who is Captain America instead of dissing him and dismissing him.

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