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Subj: Re: NOT implanted memories.
Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 at 08:09:43 pm EDT (Viewed 495 times)
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    Nick Spencer has already confirmed that Steve history was actually changed. This is NOT implanted memories or brain washing.

But there was also this implication that whatever Kobik did to Helmut was fundamentally different than what she did to everyone else at Pleasent Hill.

    Fans asked the quite reasonable question of why the world around Steve hasnt changed if he had been Hydra from the beginning, and these recent stories have been Spencers attempt at explaining this - although he's just made the whole thing just that more convoluted.

    What seems to have happened to Zemo is some kind of reality-altering butterfly effect, and I dare say we will see something similar for Bucky in upcoming issues.

    The whole thing is a horrible mess, and I'm not asking people to like it, but the new truth is that the man we know as Steve Rogers isnt going to willpower his way out of this, because that man never existed.

I dont dispute that the implication that this is a case of history being physically changed is enough to make anyone head hurt, but those are Spencers words that this was NOT brain washing or implanted memories, so thats what we have to go off no matter how stupid it looks on the page.