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Subj: Re: Captain America - Steve Rogers #18: Ugly...
Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 at 05:41:36 am CDT (Viewed 533 times)
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    Diamond sales are around the 35K mark, which isn't great for an A-list character supposedly involved in one of the biggest stories of his long history.

    #1 only debuted at 90K, and it went quickly down hill, and has been languishing around the 35K mark for a number of months now.

    Sam Wilsons book is at about 18K.

    Secret Empire meanwhile is the lowest selling Marvel big event of the last four, so Nick Spencer gets to be the guy who turned Cap into a Nazi asshole, and doesn't even get any sales to show for it.

Which way (up or down) was the trend going in the years previous to Secret Empire? I mean I've personally thought all of the crossovers from Civil War to present have been awful. Each one crappier than the last.

Secret Wars was a massive seller. I recall #1 shipped about half a million copies, and I'm pretty sure that every subsequent issue shipped respectable six figure numbers. Those numbers were undoubtedly helped by the fact the event signalled a company wide reboot.

Civil War II by comparison sold quite a bit less than Secret Wars (#0 shipped 177K, #1 381K, #2 148K, #3 176K), but still very respectable for a big event, and again I think every issue remained in the six figures.

Thus far Secret Empire has shipped the following numbers:

#0 162K
#1 168K
#2 100K
#3 91K

Those numbers are quite a bit below those shipped by the very recent Civil War II.

The less well known name of the event, Nick Spencers lower profile as a writer, and the fact the industry is on a sales slide thus far for 2017 (about 5.75% overall) probably have something to do with that.

Considering that Secret Empire IS a company wide event however, AND it has probably received greater publicity than ANY recent event because of its inherent controvesy, its numbers are still very disappointing even taking into account the contributing factors I mention, and its figures are more akin to those shipped by 'micro-events' like AvX and IvX.

Possibly its alientated existing fans whilst putting off new fans. Its certainly drawn a political line in the sand that is likely to drive away fans who typically stand on one, or even both sides, of that line. Conservatives are upset that the story is an attack on their values (confirmed by Spencers frequent twitter ramblings), whilst liberals are upset at the way Cap - a role model for liberal values - has been perverted.

Spencer and Alonsos mantra of 'theres no such thing as bad publicity' has possibly back fired. Certainly the negative response online is stronger than for any other event I can recall.

Add to that the confusing, chaotic nature of the story which continues to get more convoluted even though its been running for more than a year now, the fact weve had seven artists in six issues, and the fact that weve already had the announcement of the - now obligatory - extra, overpriced issue, and series delays, and theres a sensible argument to be made for it simply not being as well received.

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