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Subj: Re: ...after TBolts #12?
Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 at 05:36:59 pm CDT (Viewed 703 times)
Reply Subj: Re: ...after TBolts #12?
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> Spencer again resorts to a Dues ex Machina plot device to move his story on - firstly by bringing Bucky back without explanation despite the fact the last time we saw him was when he was strapped to an exploding bomb (Cap #25 didnt explain his survival either, it just shows him being fished out of the water with no suggestion as to how he lived or why he was intact.)
Yeah. That Bucky reveal was TERRIBLE. Didn't Zemo and his cronies cart him off, last, at the end of TBolts #12? And still, except for Zemo and now Kobik, we haven't heard from everyone that was in that key issue. Phooey on that.

> Secondly with Barf. The heroes have spent the whole series running around looking for cube fragments with little success, and just when all seems lost they find someone who can literally cough up whatever they want... Weve also had a couple of issues of Dr Strange dealing with otherworldly beings in order for him to find a spell to break the dark dimension, only for him not to need it.
Marvel has sadly maligned the Dr.Strange character as much as Thor, Stark, Xavier, and Stevil. And maybe even since longer back than any of them.

> This is an example of whats referred to as 'Checkovs gun' - a literary theory that states if you describe a gun hanging over a fireplace in act 1, the gun must be used in acts two or three otherwise you have no business describing its existance in the first place in your story.
Word. An actual Inhuman-tech 'gun' would have been more interesting. ;\)

> I'll be so happy when this terrible crap-fest is finally over, and hopefully Nick Spencers arms fall off or something...
Ditto. Hopefully the clean up that must follow it won't be just as sloppy. Unless of course, it's one of those annoying Cosmic Resets that everyone basically regrets which could be just as crappy.

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Bucky wasn't just carted off in that issue, he was tied to a missile by Zemo with the blessings of Rogers for having killed Zemo Snr, and the final page of that issue shows the missile exploding over the ocean with Bucky clearly still attached to it.