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Subj: Re: Hydra Cap is the hero they deserve.... AND the hero they want...
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 09:19:07 pm EDT (Viewed 273 times)
Reply Subj: Hydra Cap is the hero they deserve.... AND the hero they want...
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Fans here who are strongly inclined to the Right Wing of US politics have made several comments about how they don't like Spencer's political slant, or Marvel's political slant, or PC this or that, or SJW this or that. None of that is surprising to anyone who's ever read youtube comments. But it is surprising to me as an observer in the case of Secret Empire. It seems to me that for right-wing types, this story should be one of their favorites.

A right winger wishes that comics had more heroes that did things he wanted them to do. But now here is Cap doing those things. When the Red Skull gave those speeches early in the run that sounded like Trump, people came here and groaned that Spencer was taking on Trump. So why do they like those speeches when Trump says them but not when the Red Skull gives them?

What is weird is that the right-wing comments here have mostly been that that reader recognizes that Spencer is having his villains act right wing. Again, why don't they like that? OK, the Red Skull is an unredeemable villain, so they don't like having the right-wing character be a villain, but then Cap does the same thing and they still don't like it. Now it seems like the problem is that they know the writer is just not writing approvingly of right wing rhetoric. It's not the story they don't like, it is the writer's view of his own story. If Spencer was a hardcore right-winger he could have written the same story word for word and panel for panel. Would right wing readers like it then? No change to the story, just a change to the writer's view of what the characters are doing. Would they have liked the Red Skull's Trump speeches if they thought Spencer was all in on them? I suspect they'd be using the word "refreshing" to describe those speeches.

The GOP is definitely re-assessing and revising their views on tyranny. They have clearly widened their approval tent to let in Putin and Assad. Would a more conservative-friendly Spencer have garnered the Red Skull several new fans with the same speeches? If not, why not? Again, the right wing loves those things when Trump says them. They would love for the GOP to take over America like Cap has done. So, why are they not enjoying the story? It really seems like a Trump supporter's idea of great comics. I really think they would love it if Cap, doing all the same things, were considered the hero in SE by Marvel itself.

So what you are saying is that natzi cap is the hero for all conservatives because he represents their values perfectly? Whew, I'm glad you don't show prejudice by lumping a group of people into a category. I mean, that's what those dirty right wingers do........of course a middle class family who lost their home because their job was outsourced overseas and voted for change is exactly the same as the regime responsible for the holocaust.