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Subj: Re: Captain America #695...
Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 at 05:24:20 am EDT (Viewed 499 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Captain America #695...
Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 at 06:50:31 pm EDT (Viewed 599 times)

    > It was a pretty good issue, a little bit too done-in-one for me,
    Yeah. There were a couple respectful Easter Egg images thrown in too.

    > a little bit too done-in-one for me,
    It would've been nicer to get a tidbit more on Donna from that last page. Her presumed head nod and USFlag shawlwearing felt less than satisfying as the sort of After School Movie type ending.

    > but I'm guessing Waid might be setting up the new evil organisation Cap will be fighting - a sort-of hybrid between the Watchdogs and Hydra - RAMPART.
    Rampart has villainous potential. HYDRA (even AIM) are so tired at this point! It would be as neat if they were actually made up of HYDRA (even Watchdogs) stragglers and fugitives that didn't get proper punishment - of which there must be many. There must be a lot - especially with Kobik not 'fixing' things and memories more properly. It would have been neat to at least get "Krinkle Lips" name before he violently exploded himself (and yet again miserably failing his unconfirmed leader).

    > It was fun, well-done, and uses Cap's history to some extent - further solidifying that this is the Cap we all know and love.
    Well, it's pooossssible that the whole clarified "ICER" thing is storyseed and subplot that could be taken to any level of outrageousness. Even the implication of any validity could get as out of hand as all those pages of Stevil's Fake history we had to endure - or more hopefully will be a storyline planned out more properly.

    > However, I do feel that it slightly glosses over SE to an extent,
    Oh wow, WAAAY more than slightly.

    > as this issue shows primarily shows the people whom still have reverence and faith in Cap, and believes that he was replaced by a fake. (which I suppose is true, to an extent)
    That was fine. Some towns were probably as true to Cap's ideals as the real Cap. Especially this town given the prelude.

    > I got the feeling that this issue was mostly a message to the fans from Waid, how he's aiming to do a more hopeful, classic Captain America - a bit like what he did with Daredevil.
    Totally this ish. Totally reflected in that bonus Cap's Corner page too. Cap as a man AND TITLE SERIES needs that right now.

    > We'll probably get more on the repercussions of SE in future issues, but still, it was enjoyable for what it was.
    They better. That AND A LOT more danglers and past cast current status quos to be addressed. The new 10 year sliding timescale will have to be handled most delicately across the board too - but then again Marvel should have been doing that "Universe 8" housecleaning better since the FF went away.


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Haha, yeah, maybe there was a "little" bit more glossing over than what I insinuated - still, as you mentioned, it was probably the right move.

And I do get the feeling that you enjoyed this issue, yes? = )

I've actually seen several other positive notes on other boards about this issue, which certainly bodes well! Since the whole idea of Legacy is to try and get some of those old fans back into the comics.

I'm not as convinced as you that the sliding timescale needs to be addressed too much though, it's always been reeeally fuzzy - I believe the "average" of the time-scale used to be, a few years back that is, around 14-15 years, yeah? Certainly a difference, but it was never set in stone.

As long as things make somewhat sense, I'm not too bothered by it.

Btw, I'm looking forward to the next issue! = ) The Waid / Samnee -team is pretty much a modern classic by now!

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