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Subj: Yes, he should. I agree.
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Reply Subj: Should Bucky Have Stayed Dead?
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I do think that he has become a great character (And very popular.) since his return, but part of me wishes that he never really came back in the first place (Like Aunt May, Ben Reilly and Jason Todd.). I think that kind of sunk my enjoyment in Brubaker's Winter Soldier story when it first came out. There have definitely been some good stories with him since he came back (And we wouldn't have gotten The Winter Soldier movie or his role in Civil War.), but I still wish that he would have stayed dead. What do you guys think?

Ed Brubaker's exceptional talent as a writer helped us to accept the new character as he is. Still, I think that the character has many flaws although they were not apparent when the Winter Soldier first appeared.

1) He is Bucky without being Bucky : He is no longer the Golden Age sidekick.

Winter Soldier doesn't have the same personality than Bucky (because of the amnesia & the brainwashing) and the Winter Soldier is essentially characterized by something that Bucky never had, his cybernetic arm with a red star. The true identity of the Winter Soldier could have been revealed as anybody else than Bucky without changing anything to the main characteristics of the current character.

The reveal was necessary to shock readers and to create an emotional connection with Captain America. Otherwhile, the Winter Soldier's abilities aren't different from the ones of Firefox, KGBeast or Major Bludd (or even Cable in his first appearance).

They are not far either from the abilities of three villains created by Ann Nocenti (Bushwacker, Bullet & Shotgun).

2) The past of the Winter Soldier is convoluted.

Before he came back, Bucky was supposedly dead thanks to a German rocket during WWII.

Then, we learn that he has become some kind of soviet assassin who has been around since the beginning of the Cold War.

Since he doesn't have the super-soldier serum in his body, an alternative explanation is necessary to explain his unlikely survival. Just like Omega Red, he would have been cryonically preserved.

Still, there is no convincing explanation as to why the Soviets would have chosen Bucky of all people to become their best assassin and, then, would have never used the fact that he was a former well-known US operative. Surprisingly enough, Russia never exploited Bucky Barnes as leverage over Captain America & SHIELD.

In the MCU, it is even more convoluted since Winter Soldier is supposed to be a former soviet operative & an Hydra assassin.

3) Winter Soldier & Vietnam

Before the creation of the Marvel character and his appearance in the 2nd Captain America movie, "Winter Soldier" was the name of a congressional record of testimony about some of the Vietnam war crimes committed by US troops.

Even though Buck Barnes was reinvented as a badass sniper & wetwork operative, his story is still very far from this context.

Actually, in remembrance of the Vietnam War, Winter Soldier could have been a suitable alias for Frank Simpson (Nuke on Earth-616, Captain America during the Vietnam War on Earth-1610).

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