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Subj: Re: Just finished Secret Empire..
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 03:53:02 am EST (Viewed 783 times)
Reply Subj: Just finished Secret Empire..
Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 at 10:07:36 pm EST (Viewed 899 times)

    And what a disappointment. Hydra Cap’s defeat is due to

    1- Barf, an Inhuman who can vomit anything he can visualize including things like lunchboxes, toys and.. functioning cosmic cube shards?? What the heck?? Why not a couple of infinity gems and some quantum bands while you’re at it. Did anyone really think this thing through?? It’s an insult to the mindless Hulk’s intelligence. And..

Yep, the ultimate Deus ex Machina - a walking plot device.

Entire story hangs on the heroes who have spent nine issues failing to get a shard of the cube, getting a shard of the cube? No problem - just create a character who can literally cough one up...

If I didnt know better I would think Spencer was taking the piss with that one.

    2- Good Cap created from Kobik’s memory of him.
    So she alters Steve’s character down to its core by manipulating his reality remodeling him into a villain. Then she creates his good version to defeat him.

Another deus ex machina.

We were told all along that evil Cap was the 'real' Cap - no schenanigans - and in fairness no one is any the wiser now about exactly who is the real Cap.

But again, struggling to progress your story? Just magic something out of thin air.

It all lends to the theories that this wasnt the story Spencer actually wanted to tell, so he had to do some hasty re-writes.

    There was nothing special or heroic about Cap in this story. Nothing about him overcoming the great odds and ultimately being triumphant as Captain America. It was a story about Cap’s potential for evil.

The main issue I had with evil Cap (apart from him being evil) was that he was such a fucking flake.

Good or evil, Captain America is a man who takes decisive action. He doesnt sit around a table whining and letting other people make decisions for him.

Evil Cap should have all the strengths of good Cap, whilst being evil - otherwise the plot device of the 'evil twin' kinda falls flat.

This story wasnt about Caps capacity for evil though. Cap was a proxy for the writers personal feelings about conservatives, Republicans, Trump, the 2016 election, and what he sees at THEIR capacity for evil.

    Why not introduce good Cap as the essence the Cube couldn’t change. Couldn’t corrupt. The essence that transcended reality. Incorruptible. The Captain America Kobik couldn’t really defeat, so it just hid him away somewhere. Maybe it’s just me, but that would’ve made a difference for me.

That would have been a much better idea. It makes more sense than just creating a new Cap from fresh air.


    And so I’m assuming Elisa Sinclair was a new creation by Kobik? And still no idea on who the Kraken was?

this is where it gets even more confusing.

Kobik changes reality into one where Steve joins Hydra as a kid, but that altered reality is in turn one that was altered as it reveals the allies only won WWII by using a cosmic cube to change the outcome.

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