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Subj: Re: Captain America Symbol of Truth #1: 0-Day...
Posted: Mon May 16, 2022 at 11:00:55 am EDT (Viewed 72 times)
Reply Subj: Captain America Symbol of Truth #1: 0-Day...
Posted: Fri May 13, 2022 at 08:24:56 pm EDT (Viewed 94 times)

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Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1

Not much to elaborate; it was passable. It felt like readers are just mundanely thrown into the mix of Sam (and Misty's) current status quo. The art was okay in spite of the staccato action choreography. Here's a bulletin board's diligently censored/vetted copypasta chanonymous 0-DAY online blurbs this issue - and a couple added. You should add your reaction to the mix.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)08:55:40 No.130557226 Archived
> CAPTAIN AMERICA SOARS AGAIN! Sam Wilson picks up the shield once more—and enters a world of trouble! Following a lead from Misty Knight, Sam intercepts a mysterious group hijacking what appears to be an empty train. As he digs deeper, he discovers that the plot may be connected to a crucial piece of Captain America history…and, surprisingly, Wakanda. The world is ready for two Captain Americas—but is Sam Wilson ready for what comes next? Acclaimed writer Tochi Onyebuchi (BLACK PANTHER LEGENDS, Riot Baby) teams with Stormbreaker R.B. Silva (POWERS OF X, INFERNO, FANTASTIC FOUR) to open a thrilling new chapter of CAPTAIN AMERICA history!

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)08:56:35 No.130557235
> bump if you're reading

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)09:24:30 No.130557691
> Well that was that. Not much to say yet.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:21:59 No.130558521
> poor Danny lost Misty to Sam
Feels like a lazy status quo reset for her from Sam's last Cap stint.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:23:35 No.130558545
> AAs are going to turn on Onyebuchi for this, they already hate him for BP Legends.
Last month:

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:25:31 No.130558578
> You don’t find it insulting that one of the oldest black superhero’s is now just treated as ANOTHER captain america rather than the First Falcon
Yes. This. Specifically 'cuz Steve still sports the symbolic suit.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:30:09 No.130558643
> Yay Hunter is back.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:45:47 No.130558878
> If Sam Wilson had been his own premiere hero it would have been insulting, but he wasn’t, he was an extension of Captain America in the same way the Batfamily is an extension of Batman.
Disagree. OG Falcon never got the same creative push that DC has given Nightwing.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:45:54 No.130558881
> I second this. I will say though, that new Falcon’s suit is overdesigned.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)10:51:10 No.130558958
> NOOOOOOOOOOO! WTF happened the art from Issue 0, it was so kino. This new stuff isn't bad and definitely has more style and personality but damn I liked this highly rendered look for a Captain America book

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:18:14 No.130559383
> I guess if you lived in a world with Wakanda that would cause renewed interest in a back to Africa movement like in the early 20th century
??? Googling... Ah.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:22:46 No.130559454
> wouldn't this falcon 2 guy be dead if he was in the upper atmosphere?
A poorly presented sequence, imo.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:23:25 No.130559467
> So what's Hunter's endgame here? Why does he want to team up with a literal honest-to-god Nazi like Crossbones?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:24:48 No.130559494
> Joaquin was mutated using the DNA of Redwing, a vampire falcon, so maybe he has super enhanced resilience?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:26:47 No.130559518
> Why does anybody in-universe care so much about the Super-Soldier serum when there are countless more effective ways of giving people even more powerful super-powers?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:36:51 No.130559666
> 130558958
> isn't Collin Kelly doing the Steve book?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:45:29 No.130559791
> Remender also gave Sam his own love interest in Zolo's daughter who vanish after he left the title

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)11:50:51 No.130559871
> 130558521
> We have been suffering for years after the "chi baby" incident. No point in complaining now.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)13:07:10 No.130561139
> The FBI know Falcon Jr. by name?
Readers really deserved the name of that blonde rep for Mansfield now.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)13:14:19 No.130561266
> Kennedy Fried Chicken is a real inner city chain, and way better than Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Good IRL trivia!

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)13:20:34 No.130561370
> 130561139
> So Joaquin is a killer now, too?
"Kewl" helicopter sequence was way too matter-of-factly presented. ie. Unclear in ways.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)13:30:27 No.130561528
> This Senator Mansfeld ever mentioned before?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)13:36:26 No.130561614
> 130559791
> The SJWs went after Remender for that love interest, with Jet, and nearly got him fired. No wonder everyone's been afraid to bring her back.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)14:27:26 No.130562649
> 130562587
> Steve still has his own Captain America book. Marvel is trying to see if two titles work again for Captain America.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)14:40:43 No.130562928
> 130557312
> Kennedy's Fried Chicken is unironically great, I go to the one in the Bronx all the time.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)14:46:48 No.130563095
> This was actually pretty decent.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)14:46:35 No.130563091
That was pretty good actually: pace, characters bits, art. I just wish they stopped using Crossbones so often. He's not such an interesting villain

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)14:48:51 No.130563144
> 130562846
> In Immortal Iron Fist, Danny got Misty pregnant. Marvel decided to get rid of the child by saying she was never pregnant, it was just Danny's chi inside of her. After that Danny broke up with Misty while she was still upset about fake pregnancy.
Ooh. So THAT'S what happened.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)15:05:53 No.130563523
> Is that Anthony Mackie on the cover?

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)15:53:13 No.130564492
> I'm blah about the book. c+, but if they go as predictable as I think with "anti immigration senator", and "super soldier bullshit", I'm bailing. If they pull out something good with the White Wolf I might actually buy the damm thing. I'm interested enough to give issue 2 a shot. There is the dumb branding problem. I had no idea Steve had a book. But they just asked for that when they gave Sam the shield, and no different name. They really should have went with Captain Falcon.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)16:24:22 No.130565188
> 130563091
> To me, the problem isn't that Crossbones is not interesting, I don't think he's that compelling of a villain either, he's just a higher ranked goon so I'm okay with him being a sub-boss at best, but more of the fact that he's just some dude. He's Frank Castle if Frank decided he liked working for Nazis and was just a shittier person in general. Steve destroying the shit out of an 80-meter-tall robot without even resorting to his shield, and the asshole with guns and a skull motif just doesn't feel like he measures up anymore.
It's a fairly neat meet up as a tease - but we'll have to see. It's good to see CB's starting point is in prison and not a Revolving Door.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)20:13:32 No.130569330
> Hunter needs to bring back the Jheri curls. With his hair flat and with that mustache and half cape, he looks like a Spaniard.

> Anonymous 05/11/22(Wed)22:09:47 No.130571570
> 130557429
> The panel silhouette with Sam chaining and intimidating the flunkie makes him look sinister as hell, but I like that there would be some actual distinction with how Sam operates and how Steve operates, and not just in terms of combat.
It was a bit out of character, to date, in some ways. The escalation of the violence might be his excuse.

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Just to be pedantic, there was a golden-age Falcon. But, everyone seems to have forgotten about him and Sam as the Falcon was never meant to be a legacy hero to that guy. But, if people are going to be talking about the "first" Falcon...

However, I am of the camp that Sam is better as the Falcon, his own man and identity. He was Cap's partner, not replacement-in-training. Sam is worthy to carry the shield, but he's also worthy to do it under his own name, as an equal. Then, turning around and giving his identity to an Hispanic guy, that just seems to be compounding the error.

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