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Subj: A lot of posters confuse will-power with mental strength . . .
Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 at 09:53:02 pm EST
Reply Subj: Captain America with a green lantern ring... how good would he be? response to DtL
Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 at 07:57:17 pm EST

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If Cap were to be given a green lantern ring and an hour to practice with what could he do? Well as far as I can tell Drax thinks Cap would be a lamo with the ring. This IMO underestimates Cap and shows a lack of knowledge for the character. If you think he cant do anything of great value you simply dont understand how Cap works. Cap has the ability to master new skills and technologies in short order when he finds them. His adaptability to new problems is one of his greatest strengths. In an hour Cap isnt going to be Hal Jordan but hes going to be very skilled with the ring and can probably boast one of the toughest to break shields ever used by a GL. A shield construct fueled by Caps willpower would be nigh unbreakable, even with a mere hour to use it. If you hate Cap thats one thing but to underestimate his ability to adapt like this is flawed. My whole team was based around several key ideas and your refusal to even grant me this kills the whole point of my team. Well that and your ability ignore that my team would act as a team, you simply reviewed them on their individual power levels. So why do teams if thats all your going to do?

But I thought it would be interesting to see what the battle boarders at large thought about Cap with a GL ring. Its an interesting idea to say the least. How would he do?

"I am his will made manifest."

...which is a mistake. Willpower has more to do with courage rather than mental stregth/power.
Of all the Marvel characters, I think that Captain America (and not Professor X, as many Marvel fans mistakenly believe) would be the most suitable to use a GL ring. The ring works on willpower, which holds a tighter connection to courage and mental resistance rather than mental power, or psy. Really, psy has nothing to do with willpower.
Honestly, I think that Captain America with a GL ring would be as good as Hal Jordan, but not better. It'd be interesting to see what kind of constructs he can come up with, and what his personal style would be like.
Post-Green Lantern: Rebirth the styles of many different Green Lanterns have been clearly defined. Hal Jordan's greater strength with his ring has been said to be his precision; John Stewart makes perfectly structured constructs; Kyle's strength is his imagination and his artistically rendered constructs; Guy's ring sparks all the time; Kilowog's ring is the only one that emits a sound-effect... and there was a (now deceased) member of the Emerald Twilight Green Lanterns rescued by Hal and Guy in the Revenge of the Green Lanterns storyline, named Kreon, whose mind worked so fast that you'd never see a beam coming out of his ring, the constructs just appeared there.

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(by Ash Williams, from Army of Darkness).