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Subj: Re: Avengers Knockout ROUND 2 - Please vote :-)
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 at 12:13:39 pm EST
Reply Subj: Avengers Knockout ROUND 2 - Please vote :-)
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 at 07:16:29 am EST

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Results from Round 1:

Moondragon 8 Beast 0
Pulsar 8 BK 0
Quasar 8 BP 0
Cap Marvell 8 Ronin 0
Crystal 8 Sandman 0
Shulkie 8 Falcon 0
Genis 8 Spiderwoma 0
Spidey 8 Giantman 0
Gilgamesh 8 Starfox 0
Namor 8 Hellcat 0
Hercules 8 Swordsman 0
Hulk 8 Thing 0
Thor 2 8 Human Torch 0
Sue 8 Tigra 0
Ironman 8 Triathalon 0
War Machine 8 Luke Cage 0
Warbird 8 Machineman 0
Wonderman 8 Mockingbird 0
Sentry 7 D-Man 0
Sersi 7 Dr Druid 0
Jocasta 7 2 Gun Kid 0
Moon Knight 7 Yellowjacket 0
Cap 7 Rage 1
Firebird 7 Silverclaw 1
Clint 7 Stingray 1
Vision 7 Living Lightning 1
Quick Silver 6 BW 2
Mantis 6 Wasp 2
Reed 6 Wolverine 2
Scarlet Witch 5 Darkhawk3
Firestar 5 Spiderwoman 3
USAgent 4 Justice 3


Moondragon V Warbird
Pulsar V Wonderman

Quasar V Sentry
Cap Marvell V Sersi

Crystal V Jocasta
Shulkie V Moonknight

Genis V Cap'n America
Spidey V Firebird

Gilgamesh V Hawkeye
Namor V Vision

Hercules V Quicksilver
Hulk V Mantis

Thor 2 V Mr Fantastic
Invisible Woman V Scarlewt Witch

Ironman V Firestar
War Machine V USAgent

> ROUND 2:
> Moondragon V Warbird
Moondragon...could be closer than some think

> Pulsar V Wonderman

hmm...tough call, but she only wins at her best, so I say Wonder Man (she's another one that was hyped as uber for a while, but ceased to live up to that rep after a few years)

> Quasar V Sentry
Probably Sentry, but I think that, in the long run, this will become a very close fight. Quasar, Sersi, Gilgamesh, and Thor are about the only ones that have any shot that I can think of off the top of my head.

> Cap Marvell V Sersi

Sersi, unless its insane Genis...I'm assuming this is Mar-vell, however

> Crystal V Jocasta
ooh, another good one...Jocasta, but close

> Shulkie V Moonknight


> Genis V Cap'n America

> Spidey V Firebird

another pretty good fight, actually, as Spidey is canny enough to win... I say Spidey finds aa way to win

> Gilgamesh V Hawkeye

> Namor V Vision

If its Vision from the era when he was portrayed as UBER (which was, IIRC at the same time that Namor was written as lower tier than before or after), then Vision wins. Overall, however, except for that narrow window of a couple years, Namor wins.

> Hercules V Quicksilver

> Hulk V Mantis


> Thor 2 V Mr Fantastic
Thor 2

> Invisible Woman V Scarlewt Witch

Through the bulk of continuity, IW. House of M SW owns, however, and much of continuity would have a good match

> Ironman V Firestar

> War Machine V USAgent


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