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Subj: Hey 'Crip...
Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 at 09:39:22 am EDT
Reply Subj: Incriptus Meta\Street Invitational: Draft Day 2
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Everyone on the below roster need to choose 2 characters. These 2 characters can be selected from any of the three catagories in any order you want.

All character selections will be subect to review at the end of the selection period


Amor Fati
--- Snake Eyes (
--- Punisher (
--- General Iroh, Meta, from Avatar
--- Dread Pirate Roberts (Wesley), street, from Princess Bride
--- Itachi Uchiha:
--- Kasper Cole:
--- Mace Windu
--- Black Panther
---Gunnery Sgt. Tom 'Gunny'Highway(
--- Riki-Oh Saiga (maybe meta?)
--- Shroud
--- Daredevil
--- Black Lightining
--- Domino
Dark Marvel
--- Deathstroke
--- Green Goblin
--- Spiderman
--- Captain America
Drax the Legend
--- Cat:
--- (vs Deadpool)
--- Cleric John Preston:
--- (the martial art Preston uses)
--- Darth Maul-Meta
--- Blade[movie version]
--- Kakashi Hatake- Meta
--- Karnak- ES
Tongan Giant
--- Batman
--- Mr. X
--- Drakon:
--- Karate Kid:
BK Ray
--- Blink
--- Taskmaster

Incriptus's MetaStreet Invitational


Battle Rules:

All battles take place in a generic populated metropolitan city
4 hours starting prep
Prep takes place on the battlefeild
During prep each team has access to one half the battle feild and the other half is COMPLETELY inaccessable, there is no way to know whats happening on the other side of the battlefeild
Crossover knowledge does not count
Each team gets a list of of there opponents names
Character's fight as if winning the tournament is the most important thing they'll ever do.


The winner will be determined through a modified round robin approach, There will be 4 divisions, each team will face ever team in a division and the team with the most victories will progress to the standard single elimination. Ties will be determined somehow . . . don't stick me with any ties
Battles will occur Monday through Friday with a break for weekends
No write ups nessissary (although they are nice)
A small explanation with a vote is appreciated but not nessessary
Voting will last for one day, or as long as the tournament host deems nessessary

Character Selection:

6 Character teams
2 Pure Street Level Characters

Pure Street - These are characters with little to no special powers or equipment. They are typically athletic human beings, but do not possess "peak human" attributes. Examples would include: Catwoman, Huntress, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Punisher, Nick Fury, Question, Robin, Nightwing, Winter Soldier, Casey Jones, Snake Eyes, Ra's A Ghul, Wildcat

3 Enhanced Street Level Characters

Enhanced Street: As the name implies the enhanced street catagory contains those characters who are primarily street based but have some specialty equipment or powers. These powers\equipment are often defensive or sensory in nature and if they are offensive they're rarely more powerful than conventional firearms. This catagory also encompases those characters with "Peak Human" attributes. Some examples would include: Captain America, Batman, Deathstroke, Task Master, Black Panther, Kingpin, Grifter, Angel, Zealot, Daredevil.

1 Meta level Character

Meta: This catagory mainly contains those characters who have some powers or advanced equpiment. They often have either a variety of minor powers or a few major powers. These powers often times have a direct effect on other characters. Examples: Wolverine, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Black Lightining, Black Tom, Blink, Cable (Original/Classic), Jedi(Movie, Except Yoda\Palpatine), Doc Ock, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther (Fully Equiped), Gorgon, Hawkman, Deadpool, Nova (Classic), Cannonball, Psylocke(Mindblades version), Pyro, Sabretooth

Any character can be moved up a catagory for an additional 4 hours of prep. Ie. Captain America with an additional 4 hours prep is a meta level choice.

First come first serve style draft
Standard Equipment Only, Characters can change tiers by restricting or enhancing standard equipment within reason.
Alternate versions of a character are allowed (The same character from a differerent universe; This means you can have AOA wolverine & 616 wolverine)
Multiple versions of the same character is not allowed (The same character in the same universe; this means you can't have Ant man (Pym) & Giant Man (Pym))
Characters act in character
All character selections will be subect to review at the end of the selection period

---- All rules still subject to change.

2 enhanced streets today: Zealot & Protocide

After today, I am on vacation until Monday. I hop my final picks can wait until then.

Snake Eyes -
Punisher -
Zealot -