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Subj: Yeah, wikipedia is known for inaccuracies, though. Protocide is a supehuman, it...
Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 at 01:33:44 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Bah! Would it kill you to read the link? : )
Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 at 09:59:31 am EDT

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> > > > 2 enhanced streets today: Zealot & Protocide
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> > > > After today, I am on vacation until Monday. I hop my final picks can wait until then.
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> > > > Snake Eyes -
> > > > Punisher -
> > > > Zealot -
> > > > Protocide
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> > "Protocide has all the physical abilities of Captain America. He has no superhuman powers, but as a result of the super-soldier serum, he is transformed into a "nearly perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning. Protocide is as strong, fast, agile, and durable as it is possible for a human being to be without being considered superhuman. The serum prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, and Protocide thus does not tire. McIntyre is also unable to become intoxicated by alcohol and is immune to many diseases. While Rogers has had his intelligence boosted by the serum, McIntyre appears to be often confused and have trouble thinking clearly. This may be a side effect of the decades he spent dead before his revival.
> >
> > It is suggested by AIM and SHIELD agents that Protocide, originally a strong man before his transformation, is physically stronger than Captain America. As Captain America and Protocide are both heightened to the height of human potential, it's not apparent if McIntyre's strength before the serum is a factor, as opposed to Rogers being frail before his transformation. Rogers and McIntyre appear fairly evenly matched in fights without the element of surprise, but this may be due to Rogers's advanced fighting training. Protocide is only known to possess basic Army combat training, though the extent of his training is never clarified."
> >
> > IMO he may have a slight physical edge on Cap but not skill. They battled evenly.
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> >
> ***I coulda swore he pwned Cap as well as USAgent who is a class 10 character.

Protocide first clashes with US Agent, and severely injures him. He next battles Captain America and badly injures him as well, before being forced to pull out by AIM. Not able to surprise the Captain when they next fight, Protocide is fought to a standstill and falls into an energy reactor. Captain America helps him out, and is immediately tossed in by McIntyre to make his escape. Protocide does realize that Rogers's actions and comments don't seem to match what he'd expect of a man who murdered him decades ago.

A showdown between the two super-soldiers happens when Rogers and SHIELD invade the AIM base McIntyre is in. While the two soldiers do fight, McIntyre apparently realizes that Rogers had nothing to do with his origins and death, and chooses to throw Rogers out of the AIM base when it explodes. Using the explosion to cover his own disappearance from SHIELD and AIM, Protocide is last seen hitching a ride, wanting to get "far away."

... is flat out stated in his Handbook entry(see scan) and he did kick a small truck away, toppling it, IIRC. The Handbook also states that he's not as stong as USAgent, though. I'd personally place him somewhere between the 1-5 ton range. In any case, he was clearly written as above Cap and you can't be above Cap's "peak" human *cough* supehuman *cough* without actually being above "peak" human ;-p...

Having said that, I still don't object to him being taken as below meta, not with Deathstroke on the list(who's a supehuman as well).

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