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Subj: Thanos is someone whom the BloodAxe shouldn't take over mentally...however...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 07:34:50 am EDT (Viewed 24 times)
Reply Subj: He Should Win Comfortably...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 04:38:49 am EDT (Viewed 18 times)

he will have to devote some of his mental energies in fighting off the bloodlust madness that the Axe will continually try to put him in.... so as you said, Thanos should be able to use it to great effect, but dock him mental awareness points and mental fatigue from fighting off the effects of the axe whilst fighting off 4 impressive opponents simultaneously.

Still, I think any of the three above would be able to take down Thanos. The addition of the 4th opponent versus the addition of the BloodAxe, basically is a relatively equal addition for both teams. The ONLY person I think who would lose to the bloodaxe would be Juggernaut.

So given all things being equal, if 3 can take out Thanos and the axe is relatively an equal upgrade for Thanos as the 4th person is relatively an equal upgrade for the other team, then technically the two upgrades would cancel each other out. Indeed, the other team would do all they could to specifically disarm Thanos and keep that axe from him. I think that those numbers they really could. Which means the second that axe is gone, the numbers play a distinct overwhelming advantage.

The team wins once they disarm the Axe from Thanos.

> > Can Thanos take the 4 SuperVillans combined???
> > How??Why???
> >
> Assuming he has control over the axe and has some familiarity with using it in tandem with his own varied abilities he should beat them all fairly comfortably, the only significant challenge would be Black Adam who is mentally pretty sharp and has the powers to match.
> The chief advantage here is that the axe cuts thru most substances and can even cut thru magical defences which makes it particularly lethal here in the hands of Thanos. He'd be fighting with tactics and to the full extent of his abilities but the axe has such an array of abilities he'd be spoiled for choice as to what function to call on next...