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Subj: LOL, 42?....gotta list of all those? That would be interesting to see....LOL....(NT)
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 09:31:51 am EDT (Viewed 38 times)
Reply Subj: 42.
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> > Superman has had to hold back his full might for so long that it is reflexive to him.It is second nature.I don't think the Hulk ever held back unless it was the smart Hulk.There is the argument that Supes superspeed would leave Hulk behind but the Mindless Hulk once faced Quicksilver and just grabbed his arm by anticipating his next move and grabbed him.
> Which was more a lucky shot than design. The Hulk has never been able to match any speedster - see Speedfreak, Northstar or even Texas Twister.
> > The old school Hulk even caught missles out of the air and they must have been traveling as fast as Superman's superspeed.
> Do you have any idea how fast superman really is?!
> He can casually catch multiple automatic gunfire shells - The Hulk can't even catch One!
> > The Hulk simply can snatch you out of the air because he has acute hearing and instinct.
> \(\?\) News to me!
> > The Hulk may not fly but his sheer leg muscles made it possible for him to move through the air and maneuver like an agile bumblebee.
> Whua!? When?!! Where?!
> > Superman can move planets but put a space helmet on Hulk and direct him toward a planet and he probably could move it too.
> 1)Superman provenly can't quite move planets.
> 2)The Hulk provenly can't even lift mountain ranges.
> > He probably could cancel the planet's gravitation and rotation if he really set out to it or at least smash it to asteroid bits trying.
> Agree completely - In fact he can also match speeds with the Flash, walk on water and probobly even jump all the way to Mars and back. I'm convinced of it.
> > The Hulk could probably grow when his anger soars until he is the size to do it.
> Agree - he once increased his size to swim an Island to safety so there's your precedent! I don't see why he couldn't stretch like Mr Fantastic either for example - Anger is a magic pill for him.
> > Superman has always stated that the Hulk was the strongest mortal he ever fought both times he fought the Hulk.So unless Superman flew the Hulk into the Sun I don't see the Hulk quitting until he smashes PUNY CAPE-MAN!!!!
> Absolutely. I mean just because Superman has so many powers and demolished so many uber-bricks & cosmic threats i just can't understand how people here think he even remotely matches up to the Hulks sheer magnificence.
> The Hulk is like the storm - untouchable, remote and unfathomable to mortal man. We're simply not worthy enough to attempt to quantify him so let's cut it out please...

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