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Subj: and this is why you and I disagree about Wonder Woman...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 11:49:40 am EDT
Reply Subj: Thats it though, I consider Storm, Bloodstorm, Thing as all PM's...which is why I want 3 or more reasonable objections to be lodged....
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 11:34:04 am EDT (Viewed 128 times)

Lets do a little history lesson:

Initially, there was just Street, Meta, EM, and Herald.

Street was pretty much Captain America and down.

Meta went from just above Captain America (someone like Yondu maybe) up to include Spider Man, and debatably class 50 bricks. EM went up through Iron Man. Herald was, well, herald of Galactus herald.

The result was that there was a huge gap in the EM range and guys like Namor, Wonder Woman, Wonder Man, and several others were hotly debated, but all were herald level at the time.

Thus, the PM classification was created, to take the bottom end of the previous heralds and the top end of the previous EMs.

PM's were ALMOST heralds...they might match heralds in JUST EP or in JUST PHYSICAL stats, but wouldn't have versatility...guys like Immortal Hercules, maybe Magneto, etc. Many have PLANETARY level power, but, like with Magneto, he still has human stamina, durability, reaction time, etc, which limits him when compared to a REAL herald of Galactus.

EM's are called Enhanced Meta's for a reason...MOST of what you'd call 'powerful' superhumans in either universe fall in that category...its the guys who can be both powerful and versatile, or pretty darned powerful in a limited way. Guys like Storm were the DEFINITION of this category. Thunderstrike and Ms. Marvel are BOTH more powerful than Storm, and both at the top end of EM. The Thing, the Human Torch...this is what EM is about.

Think of it like a can only have so many guys at the most powerful levels without invalidating the rest of the universe. Herald should, and does, have ONLY about the most elite non cosmics out there.

Next is PM's...the guys that are almost at the top...but not quite there.

> which will change my mind, accordingly.
> I'll lock in a pick if it's borderline in my mind, and let 3 or more objections be the deciding factor if someone's too powerful for the level drafted.
> > METAs have low level powers or mid level powers that are very one dimensional.
> >
> > Cyclops, the Beast, USAgent, Classic Wolverine (before his healing went to absurd levels), heck, before PM was introduced, guys like Fandral and Baldur were draftable at meta.
> >
> > Captain America is the bottom end of meta.
> >
> > EM is for relatively powerful one dimensional characters, or guys with several powers at the meta level...SpiderMan falls into this category, as he has several meta level abilities (agility, speed, wallcrawling, strength, spider sense, and web shooters). Most 'team level' bricks fall into this category...from about class 50 at the low end to those guys just shy of class 100.
> >
> > Ms. Marvel, a solid to near top end EM pick has about class 50 strength, flight, and limited EP.
> >
> > > > Songbird can fly, project energy at a pretty high level, and has pretty powerful force feilds that can be effective in a lot of situations. Its definately above what most 'metas' are capable of.
> > > >
> > > > > only has the sonic abilities, that's only one type of power.
> > > > >
> > > > > Meta's in my tourney have 1 or 2 low range powers at most.
> > > > >
> > > > > EM's in my tourney have 3 or more low-medium range powers.
> > > > >
> > > > > If you want me to lock in Songbird, I can, but lets see what others feel, if you don't mind their input. There's plenty who will tell you if she's a legit Meta or a solid EM.
> > > > >
> > > > >

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