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Subj: I think her best feat to date...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 04:33:11 pm EDT (Viewed 42 times)
Reply Subj: yes, but...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 03:53:42 pm EDT

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Captain Britain was borderline PM...Wonder Man level...she proved able to match him head to head with flight, strength, and durability and was more powerful...that alone puts her at least debatably PM.

She was able to utilize the Phoenix force through copying Rachel...if you can copy herald level power, does that not make you a herald level absorber?

Under her own power, she was able to drain the Earth's power to grow to the point where she could fight Galactus effectively (though she was killing the Earth in doing so)...does that not imply at least herald level of power?

Effectively, she really didn't function at a high level, but as far as output goes, she did show the capacity to eclipse what most any PM is capable of, and she showed greater versatility than almost anyone...comparable to any Eternal.

> She is quite powerful, and has a great deal of abilities but I dont see her offense being able to break a solid heralds duribility and I don't think she's durable enough to take a sustained beating from herald level attacks. She could compete but the fight would be how long can she last and how badly can she hurt him before she lost rather than wondering who would win. Clear underdog, along the lines of Ironman or the Invisible Woman
> either that or can her elemental powers be used as a plot device.
> > OK, I haven't read all the issues, but a couple years ago I was convinced she was top tier. Here's what I know...
> >
> > She's an empath and can influence peoples emotions as well as read the feelings of plants, animals, and people. She can see auras. All in all, that seems like meta to me.
> >
> > During Excalibur, however, she was able to link to all life on earth...
> >
> > she could affect local ecosystems, extinguishing forest fires with a though, summon storms, cause earthquakes...evidently all greater in scope than anything Storm has proven capable of...OK, that moves her into solid EM territory.
> >
> > She also had control of electromagnetic powers, but I don't think she was on Magneto's level. Still a top EM.
> >
> > Then there's the ability to increase some mutant powers...not always hugely effective...
> >
> > Fire energy blasts of varying types, at pretty high level of power
> >
> > Control mystic energies
> >
> > Flight
> >
> > Shapeshifting, even to legendary beasts like fire breathing dragons on the scale of Godzilla, and gaining any natural abilities.
> >
> > Pretty powerful, probably solid to high end PM...
> >
> > BUT THERES MORE: she can amp her strength to greater than Captain Britain...he's Wonder Man level...hmm...
> >
> > She fought Galactus to a standstill by growing to his size and fighting him!
> >
> > She showed the ability to copy the powers of Dazzler, Rogue, colossus, Longshot, Storm, Wolverine, Rachel Summers, and Havok (though not all at once)
> >
> > She turned herself into sentient sand (like Sandman) and Water (like Hydroman)
> >
> > Actually, with that level of versatility at the level she has them, I probably have to say she's at LEAST top end PM, but I see no cause for her to be guaged at above herald...she's probably low end herald.

was when she was ablt to grow large enough to cover and fill in the dimensional gap caused by the reality wave that was threatening the 616 dimension during House of M (wow, who normally has to say that? lol)...

anyways, it showed that there was no finite limit to her shape changing abilitites (the bigger the gap grew she would have been able to match it... probably surpasses even Plastic Man's shapechanging abilities) and the fact that she held back a reality wave that destroyed entire dimensions (and presumably still survived) is a herald-level feat at least.

Not to mention that she was queen of Otherworld and probably got a boost in power being such.

and this is all in addition to all her other feats already listed, i think she's definite herald material (well probably a bottom of the barrel herald), I could see her hanging with the Frankie Rayes and Binarys of the game, probably not winning against them, but making a good enough effort to consider them (somewhat) peers.

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