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Subj: To be honest I am not sure that the weapons would help that much...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 09:32:16 pm EDT
Reply Subj: I'm sure both Herc's could be armed with their adamantite counter Morg's weapon with...(NT)
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 03:35:06 pm EDT (Viewed 40 times)

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> Morg is a physical herald and all of that but he can fly, I think that hurts Herc. Not that Morg would stay back and scheme that much but he could just nail someone with a fly attack and then focus on the other. Add in the fact that he is armed with a cosmic weapon and things would get interesting.
> If Morg stays on the ground and brawls, likely, than the Hercules team has better shot at winning but they would get messed up pretty badly.

And to be honest would just be an attempt to increase the handicap. Morg could use ep to get ranged in if he ever got in trouble and the maces would be pointless against him at that point.

I am not saying the duo loses for sure, just that I think one Morg beats the snot out of Hercules. It would take about two, possibly more, to take him down.

The weapon thing is also something of a big deal with an axe potentially able to deal a fatal blow, while a mace is going to have issue with Morg's durability. Not that it matters much, because usually folks hit by Morgs axe dont die (but many of those are heralds and do not have normal physiology anymore and at times are shown to be as much energy as flesh.)