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Subj: Re: Hasn't been confirmed or denied....Marvel's just left it hanging all this time...however...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 10:12:26 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Hasn't been confirmed or denied....Marvel's just left it hanging all this time...however...
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 06:09:28 pm EDT (Viewed 42 times)

> > rather than suffer a defeat, I think the real BB would have screamed his throat hoarse after seeing the ease that WWHulk demonstrated blowing through his entire team rather than lose like he did.
> >
> 1. Hulk didn't go through anyone - Black Bolt was his first and only victim on the moon.
Yet Medusa was right there... are you telling me she wouldn't try to help her husband? And once she was involved, you don't think BB would pull out the stops to protect her? Of course Hulk beat more than just BB, and of course BB more than whispered.
> 2. When has Black Bolt EVER screamed himself hoarse? Or even screamed once against an individual opponent for that matter?
Um... WWH
He's arguably one of the most restrained characters in comics, and his full scream would almost certainly completely destroy the moon, his home included. I think BB would rather die than wipe out Attilan and his wife, who was stood next to him at the time.
Yes, and an enraged Hulk was a threat to Attilan and Medusa both- BB screamed. Also, heros and others on earth, were aware of a major seismic event on the moon causing great damage.
> Considering the last time BB used his whisper on the savage Hulk pre-WWH, he very nearly stood up to it, there's precedent for an amped up Hulk being able to take something more than a whisper.
And also precident for BB stepping up from whisper levels... especially when Hulk came back even angrier after the first vocal attack.
> That said, I don't think it was a scream. Black Bolt's scream would probably reduce the moon to space rock, let alone Rhode Island.
BB didn't direct the scream at the moon, but at the Hulk. The moon was damaged, but that was not the focus of the attack. Every time we see BB use his vocal power, those behind him do not take the brunt of the damage... maybe a bit stunned by the residual effects, but usually just fine- his power is directional. And STILL the moon took enough damage that it was perceptible to many on earth! BB screamed at the Hulk. Didn't help.
> > > ... at the beginning of World War Hulk? Or was it the Skrull doppleganger? For whatever reason, I had forgotten about it until the last day or so.

The dopplegangers are given power that duplicates the power of those they portray, so the point is moot. Skrull Bolt puts out the same "wattage" that BB does, it's just not an innate power, it's originated through tech- obtained through experimentation on the original BB while imprisoned in the Skrull base. The Skrull matched BB so perfectly that he was undetectible. Hulk withstood BB's full force whether it was BB or Skrull BB.
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> > > Thanks in advance.
> Should be revealed very soon in SI: Inhumans.
> Cheers.