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> > I'd like to give a vote of support to Dagger as street, yes she has a "power" but I'd rather be hit by one of Dagger's daggers than I would by one of punishers bullets. and I'm sure all the streets in the tournament feel the same.
> 3 things:
> 1) Dagger will never run out of daggers ( or at least if she does, it will be long after the Punisher has used up all his bullets, or Batman his batarangs)

Rarely relivant in a comicbook fight, atleast not for 'main characters'

> 2) it is non-sequitur to say that because a character would rather be hit by a light dagger than a bullet that the character is a street. I'd rather get gassed by metamorpho than get shot by the punisher... but that doesn't make Metamorpho street does it? Dagger's light blasts have varying intensity and almost certainly stuns an opponent on contact. Characters like Batman have kevlar suits and trained reflexes to combat bullets... what exactly can stop an inexhaustible light dagger?

unless metamorpho was a leathal gas, which he can do. While you are correct that the light daggers do ignore armor, but they are still plenty capable of being dodged.

> 3)I am under the impression that streets shouldn't have any powers inherent within them... by allowing Dagger to be considered street, there will exist a conundrum of where to draw a line between what is regarded as STREET and META. If the argument is that the power is less lethal than a bullet, then by this definition Cyclops, Gambit and Jubilee should be considered streets since their powers are and can be used non-lethally. And if that is the case then I would like to change my "street" to Gambit.

Many a thing wrong with this. Lets start with the fact that Cyke and Gambit both have powers beyond a rifle bullet ask the sentinels which one they'd rather be hit by. There offensive output is closer to a tank or atleast a heavy machine gun. B) I think I'd be cool with Jub's as street.

My way of seeing it is the powers are allowed as long as they are purely sensory in nature (ie daredevil is street) or if they offensive/defensive capabilities are lower or equal to that of a well equiped speical forces solider. They just can't have multiples (like captain america has defensive abilities beyond humans [the shield] and peak\super human attributes)

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