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Subj: Re: Gamora and her ULTIMATE Graces Vs TheMighty JLA (Bring it on people)
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 09:03:53 am EDT (Viewed 20 times)
Reply Subj: Gamora and her ULTIMATE Graces Vs TheMighty JLA (Bring it on people)
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 03:49:49 am EDT

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Gamora has formed her graces as Universal Protection and dishes out justice as they see fit.

They have come across this special JLA team in space seeking to secure a potent energysource from hostile aliens, Only Gamora has sanctioned these aliens and there path and does'nt want the JLA involved...

A Battle begins..

Sweet Sixteen Graces...

Gamora w/GodSlayer--Mantra w/SwordofFangs--Psylocke--Indigo
IronFist(WuAoShi)--Valkyrie w/DragonFang--Nova(Herald)--Enchantress(Asgardian)--X-23



Who wins this Massive Battle???
Any thoughts on how details go???


Orion one-shots X-23 rapidly, then battles Psylocke for a short time, defeating her with ease, then moves on to Iron-Fist, taking minimal damage in that fight, then moves up to his firt real test in Starfire, whom he defeats after a while. He takes decent damage, but moves on to Mantra w/Sword, who finally takes him down.

Martian Manhunter goes intangible & invisible and sneak attacks Gamora, who is unready for him because she expected either Superman or Wonder Woman to be attacking her directly. She goes down quickly, unprepared for MM's type of assaults.

Superman battles Maxima and beats her after a while.
Wonder Woman, who is immune to psychic assaults, battles MoonDragon and defeats her with relative ease after a short h2h fight.
Captain Marvel defeats Sersi after a while.
Flash beats Exiles Namora in a pretty lopsided battle.
Green Lantern Kyle defeats Quasar with help from Batman.
Aquaman & Black Canary combine to take down Indigo.
Hawkman takes down Mantis.
PowerGirl fights and defeats Valkyrie.
Mr. Miracles defeats Asgardian Enchantress after a while.
Lightray & Big Barda combine to take out Herald Nova.

Round 2:
Mantra w/Sword is taken out by Mr. Miracle with relative ease while the rest of the JLA watch and observe.

Orion is JLA's only casualty. Gamora's Graces were quite simply overmatched despite having an initial advantage of 16-15 players.