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Subj: Picks
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 10:24:19 am EDT (Viewed 330 times)
Reply Subj: LOCKED-IN Picks for Defensor's 2nd Round LADIES ONLY Draft: (PM & Meta) Lodge complaints inside...
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 09:56:36 am EDT (Viewed 635 times)

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Dvlish = (PM) Starfire, (EM) Songbird, (Meta) Terra & (Street) Batgirl Cassandra
(Hatman #1 Objection, feels Terra is > Meta)
(Braugi #1 Objection, feels Starfire is EM)
(Spunksf #2 Objection, feels Terra is > Meta)

Hatman = (PM) Moonstone, (EM) Fatality, (Meta) Joystick & (Street) Lady Shiva
(Amor Fati #1 Objection, feels Fatality is above EM)

Thorian = (PM) Enchantress-MU, (EM) Sienna Blaze, (Meta) Sith Asajj Ventress & (Street) Cheshire Nguyen
(Amor Fati #1 Objection, feels the PM/EM/M picks are all one level below what they should be)
(Rehzon #2 Objection, feels Asajj Ventress is EM)

Dark Marvel = (PM) Invisible Woman, (EM) Ghost, (Meta) Komodo & (Street) Black Widow

Amor Fati = (PM) Ganymede, (EM) Witchblade, (Meta) Zealot & (Street) Silver Sable
(Vermin #1 Objection, feels Ganymede is a Herald)
(Braugi #2 Objection, feels Ganymede is a EM)

Vermin = (PM) Ms.Marvel, (EM) Valkyrie, (Meta) Black Cat & (Street) Scarlett-GI Joe

Reedification = (PM) Magik w/Armor & Soulsword, (EM) Darkstar, (Meta) Black Canary & (Street) Huntress
(Amor Fati #1 Objection, claims Darkstar is a PM)

Rehzon = (PM) Big Barda, (EM) Jean Grey (classic levels), (Meta) Mystique & (Street) Shado

Exes = (PM) Spiral, (EM) Storm, (Meta) Mantis & (Street) Talia al Ghul

Incriptus = (PM) Danger (sentient Xavier Dangeroom), (EM) T-X Terminator, (Meta) Terminator Cameron & (Street) Buffy-bot
(Hatman #1 Objection, claims Buffy-bot is Meta)
(Amor Fati #2 Objection, claims Buffy-bot is Meta)
(Dvlish #1 Objection, claims Danger is a teambuster)
(Dvlish #3 objection, claims Buffy-bot is Meta if Buffy herself is Meta too)

Random = (PM) Zatanna, (EM) Blink, (Meta) Nocturne & (Street) Red Sonja

Xero = (EM) Quicksand, (Meta) Buffy the Vampire Slayer &

DCR = (PM) Thor-girl (minus cosmic powers), (EM) Xavin, (Meta) Elsa Bloodstone & (Street) Colleen Wing
(Amor Fati #1 Objection, claims Xavin is a PM)

Spunksf = (PM) Moondragon, (EM) Kitty Pryde, (Meta) Black Mamba (Tanya Sealy) & (Street) Manhunter Kate Spencer

Master = (PM) Exiles Namora, (EM) Psylocke, (Meta) Iron Fist & (Street) Nemesis (Soseh Mykros)
NOTE:  I can't find a link to your female Iron Fist.  Please provide so I can validate who this is, accordingly.

Comedian = (PM) Cpt. Marvel Monica Rambeau, (EM) Gamora (no Godslayer Sword), (Meta) Wasp & (Street) Elektra
(Master = #1 Objection, claims Gamora is a PM)
(Master = #1 Objection, claims Monica Rambeau is a Herald)
(Rehzon = #2 Objection, claims Monica Rambeau is a Herald)
The following need to finalize their picks:
Xero = PM, Street _________________________________________________________
Since I (Defensor) had to give up my tourney slot to Comedian (grrrrrrrrr = LOL), just for kicks I'm gonna assemble what I'm gonna call: DEFENSOR's Best of the Best of What's Left Team (after your picks are concluded).  Just lemme know if you think it's a competitive team with the rest above, kinda like Tongan Giant likes to do regularly & who I was VERY sure would have liked to be in this tourney.

Defensor's Best of the Best of What's Left Team:
Street =
Meta =
EM =
PM =
Herald =

Prime Meta - Moonstone
Meta - Joystick
Enhanced Meta - Have to think on that one again

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