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Some GLs are PM. Some (Hal, Kilowog, Sentinel, Kyle) are herald.

The test isn't how she does against pm's and heralds. It's how she would do against male em's (Spidey, Thing, Iceman, Reed Richards, Speedball, etc.) If she whips the male em class (I think she does) she is likely not em.

> > > As the write-up says, Fatality couldn't overpower the Green Lanterns, she stalled them until their ring's charge ran out. With her rampant hate of the GL Corps, if she could overpower and obliterate them she would.
> > >
> > > ~Hat~
> I said she CAN'T overpower a Green Lantern. GL's are regarded around here as Prime Meta's, are they not?
> Has Fatality beat some GL's? Yes. Has she killed some? Yes. With the use of a lot of weaponry and her loaded-for-bear spaceship. Fatality does not get her space-ship in the tournament, and she can't pull a plot device weapon out of nowhere, just what she usually uses.
> Her armor protects against energy attacks, but not physical punishment (unless the source is an energy attack). She can see weaknesses in her opponents, but not through their clothing. She's not THAT powerful, just driven.
> Her usual tactic is to stall the GL until they run out of power. If she had the power to take them out head to head, she would.
> ~Hat~