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Subj: Re: Since they aren't supposed to work together anymore, not much, but since Marvel has ignored that continuity...
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 06:49:36 pm EDT (Viewed 42 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Since they aren't supposed to work together anymore, not much, but since Marvel has ignored that continuity...
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 12:34:40 pm EDT

> > > That's assuming the gems actually ever stopped working as one. The only time I'm aware of where this was tested was with the Magus, and he didn't have all 6 anyways. If you follow the Rune crossover (which you'd be wise not to do) they've already broken this decree anyway.
> >
> > Lord Majestros:
> > Why would they not work as one when Eternity said TOAA said they wouldn't the first time and not the second? Plus, didn't they work in the Malibu universe based on the technicality that it was another universe?
> Including the crossover universe it really just asking for trouble. There were so, so, so many problems with that entire disaster. Regardless, all we have to go on is Eternity and the LT handing down an edict that we're really not sure is enforceable anyways. The LT had a lot of doubt he could stop Warlock, and Thanos took down all the cosmics. The 'edict' was probably nothing but a ruse. Thanos has already insinuated that the gems tap into a source of power beyond anything in the 616 universe. I'm still of the opinion that the Infinity Being was above TOAA before its demise.
> Except that the point that LT was trying to prove to Adam was that EVEN with his new found "divinity" via the IG, there were STILL forces and power above even Him...
Warlock scattered apart the "Great Powers" who wanted him to give up the Gems, tha LT put everything right witha snap of his fingers...
LT is the Agent for those forces and powers beyond the IG, aka, TOAA...
What LT was showing Adam was two fold:
LT and His Boss were still greater than him
That IF LT and him fought, as Adam seemed ready to do, the fight would end up destroying the very Universe that he sought to save from Thanos...
And disregarding POOR stories, total disregard of established continuity, ONLY being higher in Marvel food chain than LT is TOAA, or Thanos with Heart of Universe, which seemed to be very power of TOAA..
> Warlock was the one that divided the gems, not the LT. The Magus never even had all six gems. Quite frankly, if there was NO concern that a united gauntlet might still work, then Warlock's entire Infinity War scheme would be pretty unnecessary. Just warn eternity/LT about the plot for the gauntlet, never turn it on, and Eternity can come squash Magus with some cosmic cubes.
> I think the edict might have had authority over several gems uniting. But there's really been nothing to suggest that either the LT or TOAA actually have any authority over the six gems united. And a significant amount to the contrary, IMO.

Except that TOAA is GOD in Marvel, and LT has SUPREME jurisdiction over the marvel Multiverse. Period...

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