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Subj: Oh yeah, well here's a few answers that'll make ya put up yer dukes !!!
Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 08:26:03 pm EDT (Viewed 23 times)
Reply Subj: I like fights how about you?!!
Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 08:03:02 pm EDT (Viewed 20 times)

> ***Who and why...really?
Cause I say so !!!
> Cyborg Superman w sinestro rings vs Superadaptoid
Super Adaptoid (SA) would absolutely mess UP Cyb.Supes with rings. Heck, usually takes the entirety of the JLA JUST to put SA down. SA's got enough Invincibility and Strength factors to smash through the Yellow Lantern constructs with relative ease, take damage on the way in, and STILL yank off those cyborg implants and beat him silly with them. Yeah, SA's THAT tough, and isn't impressed by a half kryptonian, in the least bit !!!

> Valkyrie vs Rogue
Valkyrie's got WAY too many thousands of years of experience to go down to Rogue. Rogue's good, but not THAT good.

> Enchantress vs Clea
Hmmm, the demon realm's sorceress supreme. I think she'll give Enchantress a good run for her money, but in the end, Enchantress's many years of spell making and her Asgardian physiology see Enchantress through for a win.

> Thena vs Superman
Superman's gonna find it difficult to WANT to hit someone so hard that he'll have to spread her molecules all over the quadrant to keep her from reforming and coming after him. He's too chivalrous and decent for that kind of tactic. She's not, and will use it to great advantage as she teaches him who his new mommy is !!!

> Savage Hulk vs Magog
Are we kidding? Magog would rip Hulk in half and THEN tear each half in halves, just to show us that he CAN.

> Sandman vs Carnage
Carnage isn't nearly as smart as Spiderman is. But Sandman's not known for brilliance either. I see Carnage winning after a long ugly fight. Mainly outlasting him.

> Elektra vs Black Widow
Elektra's FAR more skilled, especially with her upgraded training regimen since she got her booty handed to her by Bullseye. Black Widow will tag here here and there, but Elektra's gonna nail down the win eventually.

> Superskrull vs Absorbing Man
Superskrull's smarter, that's for sure, but Absorbing Man's capable of draining SS of his powers, then turn around and use them against him. I think if SS wins, it'll be because he found a way to outsmart AM. Otherwise, I see AM winning a slight majority.

> Domino vs Batgirl
Domino's luck will see her through to a win versus Barbara.
Domino's luck will NOT see her through to a win versus Cassandra.

> Green Lantern(Hal) vs Thor
Thor busts pretty little GL constructs with the greatest of ease. So easily, in fact, that the battleground will be littered with the remnants of all the constructs that Hal summons. Mjolnir is FAR more powerful than a GL ring, and Thor's far more powerful than Hal is. Thor's tailor made to beat down GL's.

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