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Subj: Sob, cry, boo-hoo, whine, waaaaaaa, sniff-sniff, snort...squirt a few tears...blow yer nose...then....
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 10:04:58 am EDT (Viewed 35 times)
Reply Subj: Hercules, Red Hulk, Superman, and Wonder Woman (my take)
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 02:05:43 am EDT (Viewed 39 times)

pretty much resign yourself to the knowledge that YES, it's a freakin comic book, NOT REALITY. Just have fun with it !!!! Sheesh.

> First off, let's start with Hercules:
> Why is it that people who can believe in Greek deities and demons, half-human/half-animal creatures, struggle with believing that these beings can do unbelievable feats? Face it, the story was written, it now is in the records. Hercules braced the universe. Could others do it? Probably. Could Superman do it? Probably. But he didn't, Hercules did. Get over it!
> Next is Red Hulk:
> I hate Red Hulk but guess what? He kicked both Green Hulk's and Thor's butts. It happened. Don't believe it? If you can believe that there are humans being that get caught in nuclear explosions and become Hulks, if you believe in winged-hatted, hammer-throwing gods, then you need to stop complaining and deal with what was written. Get over it!
> Now for Superman:
> I have to get over it. He is the protected one in the DC universe. He will always be atrong enough, fast enough, and smart enough. Why? Because he's Superman, that's why. And he probably does have a super sense of humor. Get over it!
> Lastly is Wonder Woman:
> Does it make sense that a being who can't take being shot can also trade punches with someone who can shatter planets? No. She should end up shattered like the planet. Does it make sense that a woman character is shown as being physically equal to the top physical male characters? No. Woman are, on average, substantially inferior to men. But it doesn't matter because this is a made up world. I mean, how many of us would even take the chance of blocking bullets with metal bracelets? So it happens and we have to accept it. Get over it!