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Subj: Perez says that is false...
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 06:59:19 pm EDT
Reply Subj: The DC Heracles performed the same Labors as the Marvel Hercules...
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 04:05:51 pm EDT (Viewed 89 times)

> ...although Marvels Hercules was shown to not have actually performed them all on his own...

I find this interesting. So, under Perez, DCU Heracles *claimed* he never performed his bigger feats. Not only this, but DC has never bothered to show him doing any of them in the first place under any storytelling material, like flashbacks or one shots.

Obviously, since you dont consider *any* material revelant for Marvel Hercules, i want to know why you are giving such credit for the DCU version, when what we have of him, and his past exploits, is actually considerable less information than his Marvel counterpart.

Lets rephrase the ideia: in comparation he actually lacks more than half of the avaiable information of the other company version. So, if you dont accept entire pages, comics, one shots and flashbacks, what do you accept as valid? Handbook material, that you dont even have in the comic pages?

Marvel Hercules has done them all as per the continuity in his universe. The only one that has been a contention for doubt, going back and forth over the decades of publication has been the stables feat. Under Marvel current continuity, this particular labour marks his first meeting ever, bewteen Hercules and Gilgamesh. And that is about *it*, so far.

Butnone of this is the most interesting part of your statements, its the classic "oh he had assist sometimes" cryout:

The whole notion that because Athena and Hermes walked around and assisted him directly in something like 3/4 of the 10/12 labours, is nothing but pure bias, given how Wonder Woman rarely sports a single high feat *withou* direct assist from her teammates.

I am sure you didnt meant for any hypocrasy to show up inyour statemnets, so im looking forward to your explanations, that i assume, will explain my doubts.

> > > Wonder Woman Volume One #105, reveals that Diana was formed from clay by the Queen of the Amazons and was imbued with the attributes of the Greek gods by Athena - "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules."
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> > > So yeah, there really IS NO DOUBT, Wonder Woman IS stronger than Hercules. Straight from DC. 'Nuff said.
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> > Uh . . . Hercules from DC is NOT the same as Hercules from Marvel.
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> > > > There's no question that Marvel's strongest roughly equal D.C.'s strongest, and that Herc is probably as strong (or almost as strong, or stronger than) WW. I hate that it's the case, because I find DC feats to be pretty silly, and long for the days when the most you might ever accomplish is pushing over a building.
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> > > > Nevertheless, we know from JLA v. Avengers that Thor is roughly equal to Supes, and that Herc is roughly equal to Thor. To the extent WW is as strong as Supes, she's as strong as Thor and Herc. I don't buy that she's as strong as any of them, personally, for reasons that are pretty obvious. If WW is as strong as Supes but more skilled, then she should beat him every time. Arguing a la J that she's never gone all out against him simply misses the point. That is, arguing that she's never gone all out against him explains why she's never beaten him, but it doesn't explain DC's position that Supes is top dog, i.e., if she is his physical equal, then DC's position that Supes is top dog is false. You can't have it both ways, citing DC editorial as canon yet pointing to the fact of her superior skills. She's either very skilled and not as strong, or DC's not telling the truth.
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> > > > Frankly, I think she's not as strong, but in the ballpark, not as durable, not as fast, but a way better fighter, and consequently just as formidable. Supes, CM, BA, Herc and Thor, however, are slightly above her pay grade.
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