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Reply Subj: Well, well, I guess this new revelation about Red Hulk leaves me with one VERY important question....
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Do we draft him at Prime Meta or Herald in tourneys?

Cause in one sense, he was powerful enough to defeat Thor a month or so ago. He was also powerful enough to defeat Hulk at about the same time, too.

Hulk is traditionally a Prime Meta, while Thor's considered one of the elite Heralds.

Which made people speculate that the relative speed & ease by which Red Hulk beat them in one-on-one combat, that maybe he was at least a Teambuster level being.

Yet now we see one very important thing:

It took both Hulk & Thor to take down Red Hulk.

Let there be no doubt, Hulk started the fight with Red Hulk, then Thor came crashing in to put more damage upon Red Hulk, then Hulk came crashing BACK in to put the finishing touches on Red Hulk.

It's obvious NEITHER defeated the Red Hulk in solo combat. So it took a double-team to wear Red Hulk down and bring forth the KO.

Still, since Red Hulk HAS been taken down, finally, I'm inclined to say Red Hulk's somewhere comfortably in the Herald range for drafting purposes in tourney's. Since neither Thor or Hulk could take him down but had to work a tag-team to do the job.


***From what I have seen and heard...Thor clearly looked better than the green Hulk...I mean Hulk fights Rhulk again and is still getting his ass beat till Thor comes in and proceeds to beat the crap out Rhulk and we know this because Rhulk states it himself even saying that Green Hulk getting involved again inadvertently saved his life. Then Hulk finished up after Thor. It SEEMS Thor looked better to me.