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Subj: Re: True, but......
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 08:06:41 pm EDT
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Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 08:00:13 pm EDT (Viewed 47 times)

> When Red Hulk beat up thor on the moon, and Thor mentally asks Odin for advice on how to proceed, Odin clearly states something like, "this Red Hulk is beyond the Odin Power, you would be best served going to help the earthlings that are currently battling him & lend your might to their cause."

I can't really account for Thor's second showing being better but perhaps the word "defeat" is up for debate here. I see no reason why Odin would not have just teleported him to another dimension or used some magical something or other. Maybe in order to defeat Rulk it has to be done by Hulk. Otherwise, I have no idea.

> Obviously, now that we see what's happened after the fact, it's meant by Odin that "earthlings" means A-bom & Green Hulk.
> But to me, Odin is the quintessential wielder of the Odin-Force, and for him to tell Thor that even the Odin-Force would be incapable of defeating the Red Hulk leaves me with the question of HOW could Odin say such a thing with such surity and yet we see Thor/Green Hulk combining to wear down and ultimately defeat the Red Hulk?
> That really clutters up some stuff there. Especially now that people will view Red Hulk as a roughly Herald level character whom ODIN states clearly cannot be defeated by Thor wielding the Odin-Force.
> Thoughts?