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Subj: Actually....it was A-bom who knew the truth of it all....
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 10:27:50 pm EDT (Viewed 65 times)
Reply Subj: Re: On Red Hulk vs Hulk vs Thor... Hulk #6. More
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 09:54:29 pm EDT (Viewed 57 times)

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> > Sorry... can't do that. What has been shown is simple and obvious, and can not be ignored; Green Hulk defeated the monster that trashed Thor, Abomination, a Watcher, a Wendigo, etc, etc... It took a bit for Greenie to get mad enough, but he did it. Say nothing of the fact that Rulk did all these feats using power stolen from the Hulk- and Hulk still worked up enough power to overcome him. For three years Marvel has been clearing up the Hulk strength issue for us readers, starting in Planet Hulk, through WWH and now in the Rulk story arc. The most overwhelming power in the Marvel U. belongs to Hulk... (regardless if he can fly or not). Of course everyone who pointed this out over the years were called over the top fanboys. Hah! Just because Marvel has proven us right, and doesn't back your personal worldview doesn't mean you can disregard the stories. This wasn't a what if, It was in continuity... sure, the writing style was poor and the dialogue was weak- I would have loved to see this story done by someone with a deeper level of talent, but the feats remain. I also like that Thor has decided Hulk to be a worthy ally- even after threatening the world. Considering how he treated his one time friend Iron Man over his behavior that's quite an assessment.
> And where do you get that? RHulk trashed GHulk in #4 and was doing it again in #6. He was one blow from killing Hulk till Thor stepped in. RHulk than admitted Thor was going to win till GHulk who had had a breather took over the fight again and even then he was still getting beat up till RHulk reached his limit. The only thing this proves if all is taken into account to the fullest extent is Thor was beating up RHulk which GHulk couldn't do. GHulk needed to wear RHulk out and assitance to win.

He knew that Green Hulk could defeat Red Hulk if angered enough. He also knew enough to hold Green Hulk back from the fight just long enough to let Green Hulk see Thor gaining the upper hand and THAT was what got Green Hulk angry enough to start his powerup. Then when A-bom couldn't keep Green Hulk out of it anymore, Green Hulk went in and Thor stepped back briefly, outraged, and A-bom convinced Thor to let Green take the win for Green's sake.

A-bom knew more, somehow, then either Green or Thor.

Big difference.

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