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Subj: Re: A look at Red Hulk from beginning to end...
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 11:00:30 pm EDT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: A look at Red Hulk from beginning to end...
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 10:09:52 pm EDT (Viewed 20 times)

> Now, if I understand correctly the 4 issues or so of RHulk all took place within about a 24-hour period.
> During that time he manhandled Iron Man and She-Hulk, A-bomb who is probable at least She-Hulk strength level if not stronger with an invulnerable armored hide, the savage hulk through a wrestling move and cutting off his blood supply, Thor, and then Hulk and Thor again.
> Beings who operate on this level tend to be stated to have stamina that can last days at a time. I. E., if one starts walking down a stretch of road assuming that road never ends they could do it for all day if not longer without stopping or needing a break. They only tend to exhaust themselves if they go all out against a being on their level due to having to use more effort on their own and having damage dealt to them wearing their bodies down.
> Based on his initial showings it seemed Red Hulk operated on a level higher than Thor/Savage Hulk, etc. Perhaps on Kurse-level or higher. The ease in which he defeated them up through #5 and took their blows implies their blows did nothing more than superficially damage and he was fully healed a few moment later. His fights against A-bomb and Hulk were back to back and a few hours later he fought Thor, but during none of this did he seem to be really trying or struggling. At best it seemed like they were hitting him with foam bats.
> Conclusion: By #6 he should have had plenty of gas left to deal with both Hulk and Thor even if he took some more effort. He nearly bit the Hulk again, but Thor manhandling him so seems odd. He demonstrated he still had enough to go another round with the Hulk only overheating and reaching a limit defeating him.
> I guess what I am trying to say is with the way he easily defeated everyone earlier even with the fights so close together based on everything he still should have had enough juice left to beat both Thor and Ghulk again even if he was reaching his limit.
> Or am I missing something?

I don't think rulk is operating anywhere near Kurse level. Remember Kurse almost beat both Thor and BRB as it took the power of both hammers all out to put him down. I think Worldbreaker Hulk was far more powerful than Rulk thats why we didn't see his power fully displayed it was to much for earth to handle. Red Hulk is powerful yes but i think he is at a strength level that is slightly above even Thors static strength but not to the extent of Kurse and certainly not anywhere near Mangog. Thanos level strength possibly at best which is strong but not so strong that Thor with Odins power can't amp up to or past or enough to wear Savage Hulk can't get mad enough to match and exceed. I am a huge Hulk fan but i can't sit here and put rulk on a level that he just isn't at. I mean it looked like he was approaching Kurse to mangog level after issue 5 but he topped out in six and didn't prove to be at that level of strength.

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