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Subj: Re: To be quite frank...
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 02:30:07 am EDT
Reply Subj: To be quite frank...
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 11:33:21 pm EDT (Viewed 58 times)

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> > > > ***From what I have seen and heard...Thor clearly looked better than the green Hulk...I mean Hulk fights Rhulk again and is still getting his ass beat till Thor comes in and proceeds to beat the crap out Rhulk and we know this because Rhulk states it himself even saying that Green Hulk getting involved again inadvertently saved his life. Then Hulk finished up after Thor. It SEEMS Thor looked better to me.
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> > > ... you would have seen that Thor essentially blindsides Rulk with the hammer throw while he is fighting Hulk and then never lets up... he kept pounding on Rulk with the hammer and then following up with the lightning... keeping the Red guy on the back foot and not allowing him to get on the offensive or connect with any blows of his own. There is nothing wrong with that strategy of course. Seeing how powerful Rulk was the first time around it would make sense to keep him on the back foot and too stunned to counter attack. However this does leave open to speculation just how well Thor would have done if he had fought Rulk straight up (like Hulk was doing) and actually exchanged blows with him since Thor like Hulk didn't do too well when he was on the receiving end of Rulk's attack the first time around.
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> > > Of course the very fact that Thor or Hulk's blows had any affect whatsoever on Rulk after he virtually destroyed them both in the previous two issues just emphasizes how much rubbish this book was.

Ahh, even In forst meeting Thor's blow's had effect even falling him to his knees...

> >
> > You could look at it that way or you could look at it as both Hulk and Thor realized just what they were facing and the power he had and this time around brought more of a fight to him. Lets face it Thor didn't hit him with the force in issue 5 that he did in issue 6. Hulk even said Red Hulk surprised him the first time. He hurt Hulk the first time but not the second time. But Rulk is still alive and who knows what else he will do to prove how powerful he truly is. As of right now though it seems if he gets to hot he becomes weaker and more vulnerable. maybe the secret for him is to stay calm and not as hot to be his most powerful.
> ... it matters little to me anymore. In issue #5 we saw Thor stating clearly that Rulk would be dead by morning while bashing him on the head with the hammer. If that doesn't indicate that Thor wasn't messing around back then I don't know what does.

Just consider that line poor writing because Thor never has truly gone out to kill anybody his firsy meeting with someone not Knowing anuthing about them. So he was'nt going totally all out. In second meeting we see Thor fighting much smarter going inside usi percision hit then backing up to use EP's, he was'nt fighting Rhulk's game like in fisrt meeting(Slugging it out) and on account of it was winning second battle...


> I'm sorry but the power differential between Rulk and everyone else (including a Watcher no less) in the first 5 issues was just too great to make such a turn around by Thor and Hulk in issue #6 without any explanation whatsoever be anything but thoroughly ridiculous.

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