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Subj: BRB would absolutely EMBARRASS Superman.....
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 11:04:52 am EDT (Viewed 27 times)
Reply Subj: So would BRB own Superman ?( Superman #680)
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 12:01:24 am EDT (Viewed 41 times)

Bill goes to his more exotic hammer abilities FAR faster than Thor does. Thor fights with honor and doesn't like to use the cheap shots and underhanded fighting that Bill's not afraid to use. Bill won't lose by sticking to honorable fighting techniques like Thor would. Nor would Bill stand there and trade blows like it's an HONOR to see who's got less of a glass jaw. Once Bill deduces Supes is someone who's gonna have to be put down with the more exotic Stormbreaker abilities, he'll start using them, and he'll keep it up until Superman is finished, because he just doesn't fight like Thor does at all. He won't get suckered into a long term grapple or long term chin whack session like Thor would.

He'd embarrass Superman, not that Superman won't get his fair amount of shots in before the fight is over with.

To answer the whole question about whether Bill would beat him because of the magic nature of Stormbreaker, I really don't think that's how it would go down. Superman is weakened by actual magic being used ON him. Like spells and such. Stormbreaker commands the very real lightning and storms, that's not magic, that's command over elemental damage, a very different thing. However, if Stormbreaker were to unleash a blast of pure magic upon Superman, which I don't think we've ever seen any of the Thor-type hammers/maces do before, then yes, I think THAT would do serious harm to Superman. Still, we know that regular lightning, if powerful enough, is enough to momentarily stun Superman, which Stormbreaker can summon enough of & with a LOT of ferocity and virility, too.

Remember, lightning is FAR more hotter and intense than regular sunlight. It's core is more powerful than the heart of a sun. It should be no surprise that Superman can be felled with enough lightning striking him since lightning is far more powerful than sun-energy is.

Bill could summon a whole lotta lightning from a safe distance if he chose, and Supes would have to wade through it all, taking considerable damage along the way. Thor was made to fight stupidly against Superman when they fought. Thor didn't go use his hammer abilities like Bill certainly would, and Bill's well known to go to his hammer abilities far sooner than Thor ever would.

Bill would not lose to Superman, not when he's got hammer abilities that would certainly give Superman considerable damage.

> Supes was getting beat by this guy called Atlas who was an ordinary human who absorbed a magic ruby into his body.Supes say because Atlas powers come from a magic source it weakens him.Since we know WW (created by magic)CM (a transformed human)and Thor(a god, and if you consider JLAvengers revalent)don't weaken him.Then Atlas who has a magic ruby inside him, is more like Beta Ray Bill who was transformed by a magic hammer which he carries with him. So just like Atlas weakens him shouldn't BRB have the same effect on him? So does BRB have a better chance of beating Superman than Thor would ?