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Public Enemy #1

Subj: Very Poor Stuff....
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 02:18:21 pm EDT (Viewed 45 times)
Reply Subj: On Red Hulk vs Hulk vs Thor... Hulk #6. More
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 08:48:55 pm EDT (Viewed 84 times)

> Then, Red Hulk started to notice he was too hot and started to feel weak. Hulk then quickly k.o.ed him.
> I am under the impression that Hulk and Red Hulk might be sharing the same power source. That's very iffy, though, given the current writing is atrocious, to say the least.
I have to agree. I was actually okay with the storyline more or less but this wrap up dropped the ball in every conceivable way, it was just 22 pages of pure nonsense.
I'm not sure what to draw from it looking at it logically, Red Hulk beats the Hulk with ease again but is then assaulted by Thor who he'd also just beaten but is now apparently "on the ropes" and going to lose to him (Errr, What?!).
The Hulk makes a sudden recovery and takes another beating that seems endless(!) but doesn't fall?! The Red Hulk... overloads(?) and is floored by one punch from the Hulk.

I don't feel the need to go on as i'm sure i'm not alone in shaking my head at the brainlessness of it all. \:\!

> Other than that, this issue confirms that Red Hulk leaped from the Moon to Earth, and that Red Hulk's fight with Hulk triggered the San Andreas' fault and was causing San Francisco to sink.
Because he was that powerful. Fine. But given the manner of his defeat what are we to make of it all?
The Red Hulk is X-times stronger that Thor or the Hulk that we know, but it appears he can only sustain those levels for a limited time. I think that makes sense from a plotting perspective as I always said there had to be a 'Trick' the the Red Hulk, a flaw in his power in line with the Juggernauts for example. It's just that it was so crowbarred in and conveniently done here it seems unduly forced - How could Banner/Hulk possibly guess Red Hulks heat output to be such a fundamental key weakness?

I'm still left waiting for an explanation as to the Red Hulk it seems.

> A really bad issue, but I am not surprised: I've been saying this is hack writing since #3.
> I say we just ignore this book (all issues) and move on.

I think it's a worry for the fans as while a poor six issue story is unfortunate you know it will get better at some point after it, the problem with this book now is you have very basic and woolly plots strung together with Big panels of flashy art and topped with a central character who just isn't very interesting or intelligent.

The Book Dumbed down good!